Audi debuts self-driving car at CES 2013

Autonomous Audi A7 drives itself at CES

Self-driving cars have proved a hit at this year's CES and Audi has been one of the manufacturers showing off the next gen tech

Audi's autonomous A7 successfully negotiated a multi-story car park and managed to park itself, all without a human touching the wheel.

The A7 doesn't have the same sensors and cameras strapped to it that Toyotya's Lexus AASRV has but instead relies on a laser grid map of the car park relayed to it over Wi-Fi from sensors placed around the structure.

This does mean that in order to make like Knight Rider, you'll need to be in a place that has already been fitted with these sensors. According to Audi, we're still a decade or so away from this being an everyday feature. But the idea of pulling up to the car park and letting the car find a spot itself while you head off to the shops has its appeal.

Unsurprisngly the Audi A7 doesn't bolt around the multi-story like the opening of Driver but instead keeps things to a sedate five miles per hour.

“At Audi you'd be hard pushed to find an innovation that isn't related to electronics nowadays,” said Ricky Hudi, head of Audi electrics/electronics development.

“These enable us to implement full networking. A defining feature of the last decade was that we integrated all the functions in the car. This decade will see us network the car seamlessly with the environment, under the Audi connect banner – with the driver, the Internet, the infrastructure, and with other vehicles.”

All sounds very promising in our opinion. And while a car that parks itself is an exciting prospect, we're waiting for the one that'll safely deliver us home from the pub after a few too many.