About T3: who we are, what we do and how to contact us

Everything you need to know about T3.com and T3 magazine

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T3's mission is to seek out and showcase beautiful things that help you live a smarter, better life. To do this, we filter the latest tech, home and lifestyle products and experiences to ensure you only ever buy the best of the best. Things you'll cherish and enjoy using.

T3.com is one of the the UK's leading consumer lifestyle websites and T3 magazine is its print counterpart.  You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

We present products in helpful buying guides and carefully curated deals posts across style, living and auto, plus dedicated new channels for smart home, watches, travel, fitness and more.  We truly do have the best of everything.

We're delighted that over 2 million unique users visit T3.com every month and over 43,000 people buy a copy of T3 magazine every month.

T3.com editorial team contacts

Send press releases to: inbox@t3.com

Global Editor-in-Chief: Paul Douglas

Paul is a former Global Editor-in-Chief of TechRadar and BikeRadar as well as having worked on numerous print titles before that. (Email Paul)

Lifestyle Editor: Duncan Bell

Duncan has been writing about tech for over a decade and has seen more than any man should see, tech-wise. He is widely regarded as the best-dressed man ever to work for T3, but accepts that is not saying much. (Email Duncan)

Tech and Gaming Editor: Robert Jones

Rob covers the latest in computing, gaming, mobile, and home entertainment technology. Feel free to contact him with any related products, events, and announcements. (Email Rob)

Product, Style and Travel Editor: Spencer Hart

As the Product, Style and Travel Editor, Spencer covers everything from clothes to cars and watches to hotels – everything that's cool, stylish and interesting, basically. (Email Spencer)

Staff Writer: Aaron Brown

As T3's resident staff writer, Aaron covers almost anything techie and shiny. When he’s not barking orders at Alexa-powered microwaves, Aaron covers everything from phones, tablets and laptops, to smart speakers, TVs and home gadgets. (Email Aaron)

T3 magazine editorial team contacts

Editor: Matt Bolton

Matt’s been working in tech publishing for nearly 10 years, and has tested everything from smarter phones to racing drones, at admittedly varying levels of longevity. His email is always open to new tech and questions about the mag.
(Email Matt)

Senior Content Editor: Claire Davies

Editing T3 magazine’s Home and Horizon sections, Claire loves working to feature the very best new gadgets and connected home tech. Claire also covers interiors and home style (including gardening), travel and entertainment, men’s style and fashion, modern living, and health and fitness/outdoors products, apps and innovations for the us. (Email Claire)

Senior Art Editor: Jo Gulliver

T3’s head of design oversees our print work and cross-platform branding. She spent a decade working on Computer Arts magazine, influencing and working with the best designers in the business.

Art Editor: Michelle McClaren

Responsible for bringing each issue of T3 to life, Michelle has worked on a range of beautiful magazines, including Professional Photography, BBC Focus and the National Trust magazine.

Operations Editor: Andrew Westbrook

Andrew is the keeper of T3’s digital edition, working tirelessly to make sure the specially designed iPad version meets our high standard. You’ll also find his work in Total Film magazine every month.

Production Editor: Kimberley Ballard

Kimberley keeps T3 running on time, and makes sure all the words go in the correct order. She’s a movies and games buff, and you’ll also find her work in the likes of PC Gamer, Official Xbox Magazine, and SFX.

T3 magazine

T3 magazine is here to help you find products that make life easier

T3 advertising contacts

For advertising contacts, please go to our main How to advertise with T3 page

Delivery addresses

T3.com Bath office (Paul & Rob):

T3.com, Future PLC, 5 Pinesway Industrial Estate, Bath. BA2 3QS

T3.com London office (Duncan, Spencer & Aaron):

T3.com, Future PLC, 1-10 Praed Mews, London, W2 1QY

T3 magazine Bath office

T3 magazine, Future PLC, 5 Pinesway Industrial Estate, Bath. BA2 3QS

Our PR, reviews and ethics policy

We take pride that our reviews are independent and free from commercial considerations. We never take money for reviews. Nothing that has a star rating has been paid for.

Separate to our editorial content and process, we do run advertorial feature content which is clearly marked and tagged as ‘sponsored’.

We sometimes take trips and hospitality to attend shows and see products. We always mention this within our coverage. It doesn’t affect how we think about products, but does affect whether we cover certain products (as in we may not have been able to get to see a certain product had the company not taken us to see it).

Almost all our review products are sent to us by the companies involved and almost always as a result of our request. We only review the products we think are worth reviewing. We always return products on request or at the end of our agreed loan period. 

We score products on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. Three stars is a good to very good product, four stars is an excellent product. Five stars is never awarded lightly and is a mark of exceptional quality.

We often include shopping links in articles to enable readers to buy the products we write about — these prices are automatically populated from a selection of retailer pricing. Our parent company, Future Publishing, gets paid a small percentage of the purchase price if someone clicks through and buys a product as a result of using these links. That price, known as an affiliate fee, is not added to your purchase price so the price you pay is the same whether you click to visit the retailer from T3.com or you to to the retailer's site direct.

While it hasn’t always been the case, writers on our sister website TechRadar no longer write for T3.com, so sending something to TechRadar doesn’t guarantee its inclusion on T3.com or vice versa. 

We are editorially independent from TechRadar and often take a different point of view. 

How to pitch stories to T3

Please pitch by email primarily and include images or links to images wherever possible. Please don’t pitch by Twitter or other social media platforms. 

Quick phone calls are fine, but if it’s to ask whether or not you should send a press release then please just send it if it is relevant.

We rarely cover products sent in on spec so please check with us before sending review samples. 

We don’t cover startups, business or industry stories, fintech or financial results or individual apps (unless part of a larger app roundup, which we occasionally do). We also don’t publish stories based on surveys or similar – we publish depending on the strength of a product. 

We rarely cover crowdfunded projects and if we do, the projects we cover will generally have already reached their funding goal.

Other Future PLC contacts

Jobs and work experience

T3.com and the IPSO

T3.com is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (which regulates the UK’s magazine and newspaper industry). We abide by the Editors’ Code of Practice and are committed to upholding the highest standards of journalism. If you think that we have not met those standards and want to make a complaint please contact 01225 442244. If we are unable to resolve your complaint, or if you would like more information about IPSO or the Editors’ Code, contact IPSO on 0300 123 2220 or visit www.ipso.co.uk.