T3 advertising contacts: how to advertise with T3.com (and T3 Magazine)

Plus info on our brand values and audience

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T3.com's mission is to help our audience live a better life through smarter living, and to filter the latest tech, home and lifestyle products to ensure our readers only ever buy the best of the best. 

We select, showcase and recommend the newest and best in an authoritative, inspiring and entertaining way.

The new T3.com showcases literate, incisive buying guides and carefully curated deals posts, alongside the very coolest new products across style, living and auto plus there are dedicated new channels for smart home, buying guides, watches, travel, fitness and more.  We truly do have the best of everything.   

“T3.com is the UK’s leading lifestyle technology website," says Dan Grabham, editor of T3.com. "Now we’re taking our content wider and deeper, helping our readers discover more beautiful things that help them make the most of life."

For all advertising enquiries please contact one of the following members of the T3 advertising team:

T3 Advertising Contacts

Marie Longstaff
Account Director
+44 (0) 1225 687495

Richard Hemmings
Advertising Director
+44 (0)1225 687615

T3.com Brand Values


T3.com conveys its expert and exclusive all-access approach to gadgets and technology with its coverage.


Freshly redesigned, T3.com now looks great and conveys a premium feel through its responsive platform and slick editorial content.


We want to help readers live better lives through technology so we give them plenty of ideas and inspiration.


T3.com conveys its excitement and passion for the latest tech with unique and memorable feature formats.

T3.com caters for a discerning audience of affluent early adopters, who spend a substantial amount on new products each year and have to have the latest gear first.