A Samsung gaming controller is coming for Xbox Game Pass and more

New accessories are on the way for Samsung Gaming Hub

Samsung Gaming Hub controller
(Image credit: Samsung)

If you have a relatively new Samsung TV you've probably already had your interest piqued by the Gaming Hub feature. 

This lets you stream games directly to your TV or display, from the likes of Xbox Game Pass or Nvidia GeForce Now, without any external hardware other than a controller - and that last part is clearly something Samsung's had its eye on. 

Along with a bunch of other announcements, it's just unveiled a new partnership at CES 2024, which will see accessories come out labelled as "Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub". 

The idea is pretty obvious - where it's previously relied on you having a PlayStation DualSense, Xbox Wireless Controller or another Bluetooth gamepad lying around that you can use, Samsung wants to make it clearer that you don't need any other console in the first place. 

So, now you'll be able to pick up a controller that's branded specifically at the Gaming Hub - and the first one has already been announced. 

It's coming from PDP, a well-known controller-maker that holds licenses for a bunch of official accessories for the big consoles and is called the Replay

To those with a keen eye, the Replay looks incredibly similar in silhouette to the latest Xbox controllers, although it comes with the welcome bonus of a couple of extra paddle buttons on the back. 

PDP Replay back view

(Image credit: PDP)

It has all the features you'd expect, otherwise, including 40 hours of gaming on a charge, solid Bluetooth range and buttons to let you launch Samsung Gaming Hub instantly or control your TV's volume without needing the remote (that last one is a pretty smart touch, in our view). 

The controller is available to pre-order now and comes in at $50 - we don't have UK pricing quite yet, but that suggests it won't be too expensive at all. 

It's the only product that Samsung has so far shouted about in terms of the "Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub" label that it's boasting of, but you'd presume there are more on the way, and Samsung says there are more partnerships in the offing. 

For one thing, a controller is only just ahead of a good headset in terms of how much it can improve your gaming experience, so we'd guess there are some audio products in the works somewhere. 

Max Freeman-Mills

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