CES 2024: what's happened during the world's biggest tech show

The very latest technology from TVs and smart home devices to self-driving cars and robots is launching at CES

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CES is almost over for another year! The Consumer Electronics Show is like a tech lovers Christmas, with heaps of new technology on display from the biggest and best companies in the land.

There has already been a diverse range of tech on offer. That includes everything from new EV tech to ultra lifelike TVs. We're sure to see some oddities thrown in there, too. At CES 2023 we saw the PlayStation VR2 for the first time, BMW's colour-changing concept car, the BMW iVision Dee, and LG's completely wireless TV, the LG G3

This page will be updated with some of the highlights and big announcements as they happen, so keep checking back. We will also be bringing you the T3 Best of CES Awards (see last year's winners here). 

When is CES 2024?

CES is always one of the first events in the tech calendar. That gives brands a chance to come out strong and showcase the best and brightest they have to offer for the year ahead.

In 2024 the trade show will run from 9th to 12th of January and unlike some European shows, is purely for industry members – there are no tickets for consumers. 

CES 2022

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What products have been announced at CES 2024?

Even before the event kicked off, a whole range of brands were eagerly announcing their latest and greatest tech. While there is almost certainly more to come from the event itself – we'll be sure to keep this page updated as the event plows on – here are a selection of the top bits so far:

How to watch CES press conferences

At the show, many brands will be hosting press conferences and events to show off their devices to the public. Much of the time, these events are livestreamed, giving those of us who aren't lucky enough to be live in the desert a chance to watch along.

We'll be listing how to watch each of the biggest ones below:

CES 2022

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Past CES highlights

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