Dell G15 and G16 gaming laptops get a brave new look

Dell's powerful non-Alienware laptops have been given a major facelift and even more power

Dell G15 and G16 gaming laptops
(Image credit: Dell)

The new Alienware laptops aren't the only addition to Dell's line-up for CES 2023. The company has also refreshed its Dell-branded G15 and G16 gaming laptops with a slightly jazzier look. 

While the G-series has previously been seen as a stealthy gaming laptop with an otherwise standard casing, the new models feature a more chiselled look with a dash of either orange or blue on the hinge. This has a certain retro neon feel and while certainly isn't full-on gaming aesthetics, it certainly is a little more fun. 

It's not just an exterior refresh though. The G15 offers either a 120Hz or 165Hz FHD display, while the G16 ups that to a 165Hz or 240Hz QHD+ display. There's 13th gen Intel Core processors, up to i9 available for both sizes, and Nvidia RTX graphics. The G16 also offers the option of a Cherry MX RGB backlit keyboard. 

The gap between these traditionally more entry-level gaming machines and the hard-core gaming Alienware machines is certainly closing. That's a good thing, especially for those more under-the-radar gamers. However, that new flash of colour might just expose your true interests. 

The Dell G15 and G16 will be available this spring, priced from $849 and $1499 respectively. UK and Australian prices and availability are still to be announced. 

Dell G15

(Image credit: Dell)
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