Govee turns to an AI bot to control your smart lighting

ChatGPT-style control is coming to Govee's app

Govee Smart Lights
(Image credit: Govee)

Smart lights expert Govee is joining the AI revolution, in a potentially pretty slick way. 

It's used CES 2024 to announce a new feature that it's going to add to its lighting control app at some point - an AI chatbot it's calling the AI Lighting Bot. 

This bot will let you make requests for lighting arrangements, patterns and whatever other ideas occur to you, before sitting back to let the bot create those systems without you needing to get into the detail yourself. 

While we don't know quite what background its AI is coming from, since you'll be able to chat back and forth with it there's a pretty good chance it's using ChatGPT or a competitor. 

This means you should be able to use pretty normal language to describe the effects you're looking for, and still get impressive results even without technical expertise. 

This isn't the only AI integration that Govee is talking about at this CES, though - it's also brought AI into the fold when it comes to actual lighting accuracy. 

Its new system, called Cogniglow, uses AI to enhance your lights' ability to react to on-screen events, trimming reaction times down to levels where you hopefully won't be able to even notice them.

Since gaming setups like PCs and movie-ready TVs both benefit so much from synced-up lighting, this should hopefully keep improving how vivid and impressive those effects are from Govee's end, at least.

Of course, all these under-the-hood upgrades come with some new hardware, too - Govee's launching a new Neon Rope Light 2 which looks even smoother and more malleable than before. 

More exciting for power users, though, is the newly-announced AI Sync Box Kit 2, a major upgrade for your syncing needs. It has HDMI 2.1 on-board, at last, alongside 8K capability and 4K 120Hz compatibility, which should make it a perfect pairing with current-gen consoles like the PlayStation 5 on your TV.

Those two new options should launch in the first half of 2024, while the AI additions to the Govee app have a slightly looser timeline, so keep an eye out if you're keen to flex your creative energies and have some Govee lights already.

Max Freeman-Mills

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