ChatGPT brings AI to your iPhone, but UK and Android users will have to wait

The new ChatGPT app for iPhone brings voice recognition and portability to the much-hyped answer machine

(Image credit: OpenAI/Apple)

If you've ever wished Siri was smarter, OpenAI has the app for you. Its new iPhone-only app brings the power of the ChatGPT system to your phone, enabling you to get human-esque answers to questions and possibly some creative inspiration too.

The app is currently available to US users and will roll out to other countries in the coming weeks. There's no iPad version, though, and if you're on one of the best Android phones you'll need to wait even longer: an Android app is apparently in development but there's no sign of a release date. 

So what does ChatGPT do that Siri doesn't?

What ChatGPT can do on your iPhone

The main purpose of ChatGPT on iPhone is likely to be as a verbal search engine: it can give you plain-English answers to spoken questions thanks to its integrated voice recognition. Those answers needn't just be facts, though. They could be cooking techniques, travel ideas or even computer-generated poems that aren't irredeemably awful. 

There could be work-related applications for the app too. ChatGPT is good at summarising longer documents and according to OpenAI, can even give you feedback on your ideas and help with technical topics. 

This isn't the first time ChatGPT has been available on iPhone – there are multiple third-party apps, and Microsoft's Bing app has a ChatGPT-powered chatbot inside too – but it's the first official one. It's free to use if you're okay with the GPT 3.5 version; if you want the newer, more advanced GPT-4 that's $20 a month.

Carrie Marshall

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