BMW iVision Dee brings augmented reality and E-ink to an electric car

The Digital Emotional Experience in the iVision takes a heads-up display to a new level and also changes colour

BMW ivision
(Image credit: Future)

In the new BMW i Vision Dee, the whole windscreen becomes a mixed reality display, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road while using all the technology onboard. This is just one of the technological advances in the latest concept car from BMW. But this isn’t just a pipe dream, the tech will be coming to new models in 2025. 

Using what it calls a mixed reality slider, drivers can decide on just how much digital content they see on the windscreen, from full analogue to full-on tech, while dimmable windows can fade out the reality. The driver experience has been personalised even further, allowing all of the lights and sound effects to be customised to the approaching driver and even interact with facial expressions created by the lights and grill. 

The exterior design of the iVision Dee might be futuristic but there’s also a slight retro nod to the shape. It reminds me of the original 3 Series from 1975, with a few extra curves. The really clever part though is that this car uses colour e-ink technology to allow you to change the look of the exterior. Like the original e-ink concept at CES 2022, but this time it can change between more than just black and white. The new e-ink is full colour, allowing a mix of patterns and colours to suit your mood or style. 

Inside, the design is much cleaner too. With all the technology displayed on the windscreen, there’s no need for a separate display console, so the dash is left bare. Just a few controls appear out of the fabric where and when needed and the drive shifter is paired back to a simple up-and-down rocker in the seat arm. The steering wheel also uses touchpoints that can then control the content on the windscreen. 

Mat Gallagher

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