Samsung's 2023 smart fridge is a massive TV too

The screen in Samsung's Family Hub Plus is bigger than my mum's TV

Samsung Family Hub Plus
(Image credit: Samsung)

Would CES be CES without smart fridges? I don't think so, so I'm pleased to see Samsung sticking to the CES script with a brand new smart fridge for 2023.

 The Samsung Family Hub Plus ups the display size from 21 inches to a whopping 32 inches, and in the US at least users will get Samsung TV Plus so they can stream 190 TV channels to their fridge. You'll be able to watch TikToks, YouTube Shorts and other social media, and there will be a picture-in-picture mode so you can watch a video while also doing other things.

32 inches is massive for a kitchen display, and bigger than the TVs in many people's living rooms. But TV isn't the main purpose of that big touchscreen. It's smarter than that.

What does Samsung's smart fridge actually do?

The Family Hub plus is designed to connect to and control your SmartThings devices, and it supports six key SmartThings services: air care, home care, pet care, clothing care, energy and cooking. If you have SmartThings-compatible devices in any of these categories you'll be able to monitor and control them from the Family Hub Plus. According to Engadget, it also supports Amazon's Your Essentials. That means you'll be able to order groceries directly from your fridge, although it's currently unclear whether that service will be available outside the US.

As ever with CES pre-announcements we don't know the price or any of the other specifications just yet; we'll have to wait until next week for Samsung to announce the details. But I'd expect pricing to be similar to the current range, so you're looking at somewhere around at least £2,000.

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