LG's transparent OLED TV is the coolest thing I've seen at CES 2023

The world's largest tech show presented the world's most transparent TV – and I'm mighty impressed by LG's OLED T

LG Transparent OLED at CES 2023
(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

The world's largest tech show, better known as CES, is certainly no stranger to the best televisions. Indeed, new TVs have long been the preserve of this show, with the biggest brands battling it out to show off their latest and greatest panels. And at CES 2023, LG has really pulled out all the stops.

Of all the things I've seen at the show so far, it's this transparent OLED that really made me stop and pay attention. It's a proof of concept for now, a product that will arrive to market at an unknown later date, but however long we've got to wait I think the LG OLED T (that's 'T' for 'transparent') is a standout bit of innovation. 

It's the point of difference, its true transparent nature, that makes the OLED T stand apart from its OLED TV cousins. And LG is no stranger to those: it heads up the best OLED TVs list on T3 anyway, plus has announced the next-level LG G3 OLED for ultra-brightness, while the LG C3 OLED brings a mild refresh to yesteryear's C2 OLED champion.

But I'm deviating from the most exciting bit of tech out of the lot: the OLED T, which you can see a series of my pictures of in the gallery above. Must say, I think the surrounding decor really helps sell it, too, from the wallpaper to the lights. Top on-stand work there, LG. 

Why might you want a TV that effectively 'dissolves' into the background? It's a rhetorical question, really, for those who don't want a TV to dominate their space. Various specialist installs would surely benefit from such opportunity too. 

It seems LG's method of reduction at CES 2023 is its biggest take-away: in addition to the OLED T, the Korean company also introduced the M3 OLED, a 97-inch OLED TV that removes all cables (bar for power) and can receive 4K/120Hz transmissions without the need for connecting wires. That's some mad genius stuff right there, and perhaps a vision of the future we're heading towards when it comes to telly tech...

Mike Lowe
Tech Editor

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