Kandao reveals new QooCam 3 Ultra action camera ahead of CES

New rugged 360-degree camera has impressive specs

Kandao reveals new QooCam 3 Ultra action camera ahead of CES
(Image credit: Kandao)

CES 2024 is two and a half weeks away, which is crazy, as 2023 has just begun. Nevertheless, we expect to see tons of exciting consumer tech product launches happen on or around the event. One of these is VR camera manufacturer Kandao's announcement of the company's new action camera, the QooCam 3 Ultra.

Built on the foundation laid by the well-received, affordable Kandao QooCam 3, the new 360-degree camera that hits stores in 2024 and is said to rival big-ticket rivals such as the Insta360 X3, with its dual 1/1.7-inch sensors, dual fisheye lenses, four built-in microphones, an F1.6 aperture, a six-axis gyroscope, and a 2.19-inch touchscreen.

The Kandao QooCam 3 Ultra supports 10-bit HLG video recording up to 8K@30fps resolution, plus 5.7K@60fps and even 4K@120fps videos with instant stabilisation. It also has the capability to capture up to 96MP 360-degree photos with in-cam stitching and long exposure.

Furthermore, with DNG8 with Raw+ Algorithm, the QooCam 3 Ultra is said to "surpass optical limitations, capturing enhanced panoramic photos that preserve rich image details and deliver exceptional quality," Kandao says. The DNG8 format also provides greater flexibility in post-processing and editing. 

QooCam 3 Ultra also comes equipped with an in-camera live-streaming function that allows for easy broadcasting of immersive 360° experiences in real-time to audiences. Kandao claims that the new camera has a real-time stitching capability, even during live streaming, meaning that you can share your 360° experiences with your audience in real-time without the hassle of post-processing.

We haven't got any information about the price and availability of the Kandao QooCam 3 Ultra. To find out more, head over to Kandao today. 

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