LG Signature OLED T is a wireless 77-inch TV that just so happens to be transparent

This could be a huge step forward

LG Signature OLED T
(Image credit: LG)

CES is a big time for the best TVs each year. 2024 has already proved no different and, once again, it looks like LG might have stolen the show straight out of the gate. 

It's taken the wraps off a frankly stunning television, in the form of the LG Signature OLED T, a huge 77-inch transparent TV.

That's right, when the Signature OLED T is off it's basically an ever-so-slightly opaque sheet of glass that you can see through to whatever you've got behind it. This is tech that's been in the offing for a while, but hasn't looked like actually getting to consumers until now. 

You can use the Signature OLED T in that transparent mode for some really cool viewing experiences, including a bunch of demos that LG is showing off at CES, but the TV also crucially has a contrast screen that it can pull up behind the display.

This brings it way closer to a traditional OLED in terms of contrast and darkness, so you almost get the best of both worlds (although even with that screen up it still won't quite match a more traditional flagship from LG's OLED range in terms of brightness). 

The TV is wireless, too, apart from its power supply. It uses LG's now-established Zero Connect Box to beam its audio and video by line-of-sight so that you don't have to worry about cluttering things up with a whole bunch of cables behind your TV stand. 

Back to that all-important transparency, though, and LG has also added an always-on mode to the Signature OLED T, which will let you use it as a sort of holographic background display if you want. 

The CES demos make this look really trippy, with an aquarium mode to give your room some movement and life, but also a simpler dashboard to let you see the time and weather at a glance, almost like a gigantic smart display. 

As is pretty common at a big trade show like this, we don't know exactly when the TV will actually be available to buy - LG is pinning it to some time in 2024, without getting more precise than that.

Even more crucially, we have no indication of pricing. These bleeding edge flagships (in fact, borderline proof-of-concept) TVs often run into crazy territory, though, so don't expect it to come in at any less than a few thousand pounds if we're lucky. 

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