Smart ring brand Ultrahuman introduces new tracking device that monitors your home

Ultrahuman launches home tracking device that measures how your environment affects your health

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Smart ring and wearable technology brand, Ultrahuman has just announced its latest innovation, Ultrahuman Home. Unveiled at CES 2024, Ultrahuman is expanding into smart home with its new tracking technology that monitors your living environment to enhance your health and wellbeing.

Up until now, Ultrahuman has been known for its wearable devices, particularly its smart rings that monitor sleep, movement and recovery. Similar to the best fitness trackers, Ultrahuman’s devices sit on the finger and are equipped with sensors and tracking features to oversee your health, wellness and fitness. For more details, see our Ultrahuman Ring Air review for more.

Now, Ultrahuman is putting health and wellness at the forefront of your environment with Ultrahuman Home. The compact screenless device is designed to address your living environment and how it may be positively or negatively affecting your health. This innovation marks a first for the wearable space as unlike the best smartwatches, Ultrahuman Home can “leverage home health data and correlate the home environment to an individual’s lifestyle”.

What this means is once the device is set-up in your home, the Ultrahuman Home will assess and monitor your surroundings and provide insights on your living space, including air quality, temperature, noise levels and artificial light. After collecting this data, Ultrahuman Home will evaluate how these factors may be affecting your health and will make suggestions on how you can make improvements.

By using the Ultrahuman Home’s unique tracking markers, Mohit Kumar, founder and CEO of Ultrahuman states that it’s “able to link an individual’s health markers (sleep, stress) to their environment (temperature, humidity and light exposure).” So, what exactly does the Ultrahuman Home monitor and why?

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(Image credit: Ultrahuman)

The Ultrahuman Home covers all bases, including light, sound, air pollution, humidity and more. As sunlight is important for regulating the circadian rhythm and increasing the body’s vitamin D levels, the Ultrahuman Home measures UV and sunlight levels in the home and encourages users to make changes to their surroundings to introduce more sunlight for better sleep and wellness.

Speaking of sleep, the Ultrahuman Home identifies sleep disturbances by monitoring noise levels and blue light exposure, both factors that disrupt your night’s rest. The Ultrahuman Home can also deliver insights into sleep apnea and snoring to help users understand their sleep patterns and adopt a healthier sleep environment. Other markers that the Ultrahuman Home detects and monitors are particulate matter (PM), humidity levels and smoke sensors to promote long-term respiratory health and keep you safe while at home.

Judging from the pictures, the Ultrahuman Home plugs into an outlet and sits inconspicuously in your home for monitoring purposes. What makes me curious is how it’s going to feed users information – will it talk to you like Alexa or send you notifications via your smartphone? – and if it can monitor multiple spaces at a time and not just the room it’s in.

As someone who enjoys tracking health and fitness data, I’m intrigued by the Ultrahuman Home and excited to see how the device actually works in real homes. The Ultrahuman Home will be available towards the end of January 2024 and as of writing, it’ll only be available in the US for $349.

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