Best smart ring 2024: compact, lightweight health-tracking wearables

The best smart rings to track sleep and other activities throughout the day

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Titanium Oura Ring on ice

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01. Best overall: Oura Ring Generation 3
02. Best for sleep tracking: Ultrahuman Ring Air
03. Best affordable: RingConn Smart Ring
04. Best battery life: Circular Ring

The best smart rings are gaining popularity thanks to their compact and lightweight design, making it much easier to wear them continuously than wrist wearables. Thanks to sensor and battery technology advancements in recent years, you can now access features previously only available in larger devices using a smart ring.

Smart rings have several benefits over the best smartwatches. First and foremost, they are more compact and feel less cumbersome to wear, enabling you to wear them 24/7, which is how you should wear all your wearables so that they can collect health data all day long, providing better estimations.

Secondly, they circumvent the problem many have with wrist wearables by not looking like smart devices. Smart rings weigh grams and have no displays or buttons, which is perfect for those who can't stand the design of health wearables such as running watches.

Finally, smart rings are comfortable to wear overnight – a significant issue people have with wrist-based sleep trackers. By not wanting to take them off, these clever gadgets can help analyse your slumber in incognito, as well as suggest ways to improve it via the apps and AI coaching they offer.

Without further ado, please find below the selection of the best smart rings, tested, reviewed, and ranked by T3's wearable experts. Expect to see more models added to the guide in the coming month, with companies like Apple and Samsung working on their own take on the concept.

Best smart rings to buy today

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Best overall

Oura Ring Generation 3 worn by woman with red hair

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1. Oura Ring Gen 3

Best smart ring overall


Weight: 4-6 grams
Thickness: 2.55 mm
Available sizes: 6-13
Battery life: up to 7 days
Water rating: Water resistant up to 100m/328 ft

Reasons to buy

Accurate sensors
Dainty but durable design
Good health insights via the Oura app

Reasons to avoid

Subscrition fee is extra
Could offer more robust workout support

Much like how most people associate Fitbit with fitness trackers and Garmin with running watches, Oura has become synonymous with smart rings over the last few years. The latest Oura Ring is already the third generation of this nimble wearable, with an even newer version rumoured to launch very soon.

The Oura Ring – or, more like, the algorithm – takes a while to calibrate, but once it's up and running, it provides valuable health insights and accurate sleep-tracking capabilities. Fitness support isn't quite as fleshed out, but thanks to the continuous updates, it's likely we'll see some improvements in this area in the near future.

The Oura app is polished and easy to understand. In fact, it's one of the most handsome fitness apps we used in a while. Oura offers a membership for a small fee ($5.99/month), which adds in-depth sleep analysis, personalized health insights, workout heart rate tracking, and more.

If you need the best smart ring experience, you need the Oura Ring. Simple as that.

Best for sleep tracking

Ultrahuman Ring Air review

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3§)
Best smart ring for sleep tracking


Weight: 2.4 - 3.6 grams
Thickness: 2.45 - 2.8 mm
Available sizes: 5-14
Battery life: up to 6 days
Water rating: Water resistant up to 100m/328 ft

Reasons to buy

Offers a convenient way to track your health
Lightweight and comfortable to wear
Tons of recommendations and trends via the Ultrahuman app
One-off cost (no subscription fee)
Fitness and mindfulness workouts available in the app

Reasons to avoid

Outer paint can get damaged easily
Fitness tracking could be more fleshed out

The Ultrahuman Ring Air is a unique fitness wearable concept, not just because of its lightweight, compact design. Through the accompanying app, this smart ring can help you optimise your life to improve your health and general well-being, as long as you are happy to adhere to the algorithm's recommendations.

Thanks to the unique metrics and suggestions, the Ultrahuman Ring Air is the best smart ring for sleep tracking. Not only does it monitor your circadian rhythm, but it also suggests a daily window in which you should consume all your stimulants (e.g. tea, coffee) so as not to disturb your sleep.

If you're more interested in keeping a keen eye on your sleep trend and gradual health improvements, you should check out the Ultrahuman Ring Air. Sure, there is an initial cost to buy the ring, but thanks to the lack of subscription fees, you can access any and all future software upgrades – for free.

Read our full Ultrahuman Ring Air review.

Best affordable

Ringconn Smart Ring review

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)
Best affordable smart ring


Weight: 3-5 grams
Thickness: 2.6mm
Available sizes: 6-14
Battery life: 7 days (150 days on-the-go use with the portable charging case)
Water rating: IP68 rated water resistant up to 50m/165ft

Reasons to buy

Long battery life (plus cable-free charging case)
Good sleep and stress insights
Ringconn app provides an easy-to-understand overview of your key stats
Ring connects to smartphone quickly

Reasons to avoid

Doesn't automatically recognise exercise
Health Timeline feature could provide more information
LEDs are almost bright enough to be used as flashlights

It's probably not fair to call Ringconn a new player in the smart ring market, where most companies are only a few years old. The company's smart ring, aptly called Ringconn Smart Ring, is one of the most affordable models and offers basic health metrics coupled with an easy-to-understand app.

The Ringconn Smart Ring connects to smartphones easily and better still, it collects data and provides insights and suggestions as soon as you start wearing it. For comparison, Oura's wearable requires around four weeks of use before it starts suggesting anything.

On the flip side, Ringconn's wearable provides less personalised suggestions on how to improve your health and fitness, similar to some fitness trackers that use general assumptions based on your age, weight, sex, etc., to offer guidance, as opposed to truly personalised insights.

That said, Ringconn is said to be working on adding more features to its Smart Ring, including menstrual cycle sleep apnea and blood pressure monitoring. As long as they can provide free access to this data, we can't wait to see them materialising in the near future.

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Best battery life

Circular Ring Pro worn by person with darker skin holding a laptop

(Image credit: Circular)

4. Circular Ring

Best smart ring for battery life


Weight: 4 grams
Thickness: 2.75 mm
Available sizes: 6-13
Battery life: up to 8 days
Water rating: Suitable for light water exposure like showering or washing hands

Reasons to buy

Long battery life
Decent sleep tracking capabilities
Interchangeable cover

Reasons to avoid

Not as waterproof as others
Physical button confusing to use

Now surpassed by the Circular Ring Slim, the original Circular Ring is slightly rough around the edges compared to now-standard smart rings. It has an interchangeable cover, which is excellent for expressing your personality and ensuring your smart ring matches the rest of your attire, but not so good when it comes to durability. As a result, the Circular Ring is less waterproof than other smart rings.

On a more positive note, the Circular Ring is a potent sleep tracker that provides helpful data and insights via its companion app. It's now out of stock – due to the imminent launch of its buttonless successor – and will soon be replaced in this guide (and on people's fingers) with the Slim version.

How to choose the best smart ring for you

Smart rings are a new phenomenon, and as such, they aren't often specialised in terms of feature sets. That said, there are a few things to bear in mind before you buy your first smart ring.

Sizing is one of these. Smart rings often come only in a few sizes, which, to be fair, usually covers the most popular finger circumferences (apart from the upcoming Amazfiot Helio Ring, which only comes in two sizes, 10 and 12). If your hand size is on the extreme end of the spectrum (either way), it's worth requesting a sizing kit.

Although most smart rings have similar features, there are minor differences. Some, like the Ultrahuman Ring Air, are better at optimising sleep, while others, such as Oura Ring, are best suited as an overall health tracker. Yet others focus on essential sleep and fitness tracking, e.g. RingConn Smart Ring.

Finally, it's worth considering the capabilities of companion apps and potential subscription fees. Oura only grants access to basic stats for free, while Ultrahuman offers a subscription-based extension of its service called Ultrahuman X. Yet others, like Amazfit, will charge you for accessing AI coaching and more.

How we test the best smart rings

There is no way around testing smart rings than wearing them continuously for weeks on end. Similar to wrist wearables, most smart rings need at least a couple of weeks to establish a baseline and provide more accurate estimations and suggestions.

Thankfully, smart rings weigh next to nothing, meaning prolonged wear doesn't irritate you. We tend to test smart rings for a month to ensure all systems are fully functional and have enough time to do all the different health and fitness activities these clever wearables can track.

For more info about testing, check out this explainer: How we test at T3.

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