Wearable brand Amazfit joins the smart ring club with new Helio Ring

Brand says the Helio Ring is the "ultimate in athletic recovery analysis and guidance"

Amazfit announces Helio Ring
(Image credit: Amazfit)

Smart rings are definitely having a moment. Not only it's rumoured that established smartwatch brands like Apple and Samsung are working on their own take on the concept, but we're also seeing more models being announced and launched than ever before, such as last year's Ultrahuman Ring Air.

The latest company to join the smart ring ranks is Amazfit, well-known for its affordable outdoor watches and posture-correcting headphones (see also: Amazfit PowerBuds Pro review). We don't know much about the new wearable yet, only what the company's website and social posts suggest.

The Helio Ring has a 'skin-friendly' titanium alloy external shell, weighs less than 4 grams and has a 2.6 mm thickness. Interstingly, Amazfit says it'll only be available in size 10 or size 12, which might limit the potential market for the wearable. On a more positive note, the Helio Ring is said to be water-resistant for up to 10 ATMs, so you're safe to swim with it.

Of course, Amazfit coupled the Helio Ring with an AI-powered smart assistant service to help you lead a healthier lifestyle. It's called Zepp Aura AI, a slightly unfortunate name, considering the biggest brand in smart ring circles is called Oura.

Anyhow, it seems Zepp Aura AI will be a separate subscription, similar to Oura's offering, and will include customised sleep sounds, detailed weekly and monthly sleep reports, meditation and relaxation sounds, access to the Zepp Wellness Coach, and more.

Unlike the RingConn Smart Ring, the Amazfit Helio Ring will be able to 'track detailed performance data for a post-workout review on your phone', the company claims, as long as you initiate the workout via the Zepp app (Running, Walking, Cycling or Treadmill workout).

We expect the Amazfit Helio Ring not to be the most expensive smart ring on the market, although price information is not yet available. Zepp Aura AI subscription might incur further costs.

You can sign up for updates about the Helio Ring at Amazfit. For all things consumer tech news, head over to T3's CES 2024 roundup.

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