Nanoleaf reveals its first-ever outdoor smart lights at CES 2024

The brand has also revealed its new music visualiser software and launched the highly anticipated Skylight Modular Ceiling Light

Nanoleaf Matter-Compatible Smart Lights
(Image credit: Nanoleaf)

Now CES 2024 has officially kicked off, there is going to be a huge amount of talk regarding new products, software updates and releases. You may be holding out for something you've suspected is coming, or you might just be interested in the latest tech news. Either way, we hope you're as excited as we are. On that note, one huge smart lighting release is in and we're ecstatic to be able to share it with you. 

Nanoleaf, a global leader in smart lighting innovation and design, has today announced brand new colour and lighting experiences for the entire home. Nanoleaf’s new Orchestrator software and three Matter-compatible smart lights will be shown for the first time at CES 2024, all designed to enhance musical experiences, entertainment areas, and day-to-day smart home automations. The company is also announcing the pre-order launch for the highly anticipated Skylight Modular Ceiling Light.

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1. Nanoleaf Orchestrator Software

Nanoleaf’s new Orchestrator software transforms your experience with music like never before, creating captivating colour and light shows with unmatched real-time music analysis and beat detection. Unlike many existing music visualisers, Orchestrator connects directly with your computer’s sound source and isolates the response to your device for the most accurate real-time audio visual experience. The result is dynamic light shows perfectly synchronised and designed for each of your personal playlists and favourite songs.

Whilst Nanoleaf’s current Rhythm feature reacts to sound, the new Orchestrator technology will intelligently respond to your music. With Nanoleaf’s advanced 'Smarter' Technology, Orchestrator picks up on beats, melodies, and audio spectrum to generate mesmerising visuals with unparalleled precision and automatically curates every aspect of your musical lightshow. 

Energetic beats will be brought to life with pulsating light reactions, whilst slower more melodic songs gently dance across your wall with synchronised animations. Users can also choose to create the light shows themselves by customising their own unique palettes, effects and more.

Orchestrator works via the Nanoleaf Desktop App and is compatible with any music streaming platform or audio player. The software is planned for a spring 2024 release.

2. Nanoleaf Matter-Compatible Smart Lights

Nanoleaf smart lighting

Smart Multicolour Indoor Lightstrip 

(Image credit: Nanoleaf)

Nanoleaf is also announcing three new colour-changing addressable smart lights to work with Matter: a Smart Multicolour Indoor Lightstrip, Smart Multicolour Outdoor String Lights and Smart Multicolour Permanent Outdoor Lights. The new outdoor additions to the Essentials Matter line mark the company’s first ever outdoor lighting products, bringing the magic of dynamic gradients and warm ambience to your home’s exterior spaces, lighting up patio areas, backyards and gardens all year round.

Nanoleaf Matter-Compatible Smart Lights

Smart Multicolour Permanent Outdoor Lights

(Image credit: Nanoleaf)

Built with Nanoleaf’s exclusive technology, the new smart addressable lighting additions to the Essentials line seamlessly integrate with other Nanoleaf products for simple controls and smart customisations. Users can group products together for easy automations with their Matter hubs, and paint individual animations so multiple colours can appear all at once. The lights will also come with a new collection of preset lighting Scenes, along with access to thousands of additional Scenes in the Nanoleaf App.

The Nanoleaf Essentials Matter line allows for simple control via Matter, or directly via the Nanoleaf App through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Users also have the option to control their lights with voice control or the easy access Manual Controller, for times when they prefer to go without their device.

All three smart lighting products are planned for a spring 2024 release.

Nanoleaf Matter-Compatible Smart Lights

Smart Multicolour Outdoor String Lights

(Image credit: Nanoleaf)

3. Nanoleaf Skylight Smart Modular Ceiling Light

Nanoleaf Skylight Smart Modular Ceiling Light

Skylight Smart Modular Ceiling Light

(Image credit: Nanoleaf)

First previewed at CES 2023, Nanoleaf is excited to announce the official launch of Skylight, the world's first ever smart modular ceiling light panels with full design customisations. Skylight uniquely blends functional everyday lighting with creativity and personal expression, highlighting Nanoleaf’s continued commitment to fusing elevated design with technology. 

Skylight features a flush-mounted modular square design with diffused multi-point lighting, creating a soft and natural lighting experience. Users can seamlessly adjust colours and set scenes such as Gentle Rain or Sun Shower, perfect for setting whatever ambience you desire. Users can even control the Skylight remotely for an added security measure when away from home, or schedule automatic on/off at desired times.

Hard-wire one square, and then add up to 100 additional squares across the ceiling to create your own designs using the moqdular set up. For the first time ever, users can extend their ceiling fixture into hard to reach spaces that were previously impossible to illuminate. Each square emits 1400 lumens of light with a lifespan of 25,000 hours and is built with Nanoleaf’s full suite of smart features. Users can control the setup via the Nanoleaf App, smart home ecosystem or with a traditional lightswitch.

Nanoleaf Skylight is now available for pre-order and retails for $249.99 for the Smarter Kit (3PK) and $69.99 for Expansion Packs (1PK). 

The product will ship late January 2024.

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