New Garmin HRM-Fit heart rate monitor clips into your sports bra for optimal fit

Thanks to its female-specific design, the Garmin HRM-Fit can ensure accurate data collection during high-intensity exercise

Garmin HRM-Fit launch
(Image credit: Garmin)

Garmin usually doesn't go all out for CES, but that doesn't mean we didn't want to see something announced from by the wearable giant. Indeed, the multisport watch giant has just launched its latest product, the Garmin HRM-Fit, its newest heart rate monitor created for women.

Featuring a clip-on design, it attaches to medium- and high-support sports bras to maximise comfort while accurately capturing real-time heart rate and training data. HRM-Fit is also versatile enough to be used during activities like running, indoor and outdoor cycling, strength training, HIIT and more.

Garmin is famous for filling market gaps no one knew existed (see also: Garmin Instinct 2 Dezl Edition), but in the case of the HRM-Fit, it's only partially true. Ill-fitting heart rate monitors can affect data accuracy, which can be a major issue for female athletes wearing sports bras.

To solve the issue, the company had to come up with a solution to ensure unisex heart rate straps stay put when worn with tight-fitting performance garments such as sports bras. The solution is the unique clip system that affixes the transmitter to the bottom of the bra.

Garmin says the HRM-Fit seamlessly attaches to medium- and high-support sports bras – including those from adidas, Athleta, NOBULL, Under Armour and more – to 'minimise movement and enhance comfort'.

Similar to the Garmin HRM-Pro, the new HRM-Fit captures advanced running dynamics data, including ground contact time balance, cadence, stride length and more.

Better still, real-time heart rate and performance data provided by the monitor is compatible with Garmin smartwatches and Edge cycling head units, compatible fitness equipment, the Tacx Training app and more.

Plus, if you take off your compatible smartwatch and leave it out of range, the HRM-Fit will store the workout data and send it to the watch once the monitor is back in range.

Featuring up to one year of battery life, the HRM-Fit is available now at Garmin UK, Garmin US and Garmin AU for a suggested retail price of £140/ $150/ AU$ 249and is on display during CES 2024 at the Garmin booth, #3519 in the LVCC West Hall.

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