How to watch Panasonic's CES 2024 press conference and what to expect

Panasonic promises a greener approach to tech this year – here's how to watch its CES event live

Panasonic CES 2023
(Image credit: Panasonic)

As we wait for CES 2024 to get fully underway, the biggest brands are hosting their own press conferences and keynotes to give you a heads-up on what will launch over the coming year.

Panasonic is among them, with its own press event due for later today, Monday 8 January 2024. You can watch it live below.

Here's everything you need to know about Panasonic's CES 2024 event.

How to watch the Panasonic CES 2024 press conference

You can watch the Panasonic CES 2024 press conference online via the video above.

Alternatively, it will be streamed on Panasonic's own YouTube channel.

What time does the Panasonic CES 2024 press conference start?

The Panasonic CES 2024 press conference starts at 10:00 PT (local time to Las Vegas) today, Monday 8 January 2024.

Here are the kick off times for your location:

  • US West Coast: 10:00 PT
  • US East Coast: 13:00 ET
  • UK: 18:00 GMT
  • Central Europe: 19:00 CET
  • India (New Delhi): 23:30 IST
  • China (Beijing): 02:00 CST (9 January)
  • Japan (Tokyo): 03:00 JST (9 January)
  • South Korea (Seoul): 03:00 KST (9 January)
  • Australia (Sydney): 05:00 AEDT (9 January)

What to expect

Panasonic traditionally doesn't have as many products at CES 2024 as its rivals, generally favouring quality over quantity.

That being said, it'll undoubtedly have some reference-grade OLED TVs on offer, which will likely be discussed during the press event. We also expect several products from the Panasonic-owned Technics brand too.

Considering the vinyl resurgence grows stronger by the day, we might see some new turntable action even.

What we do know is that a lot of the focus for the press conference will be on sustainability and a greener way of doing things: "See how we are leveraging sustainable energy solutions and circular economy initiatives designed to optimise the use of natural resources," it says in accompanying blurb.

"Discover a world of holistic wellbeing, where everything we do is to empower people to live healthier, more comfortable, more enjoyable lives."

We'll be there for the ride with you, as we watch it live ourselves too.

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