Samsung SmartThings Station is one device to rule them all

This wireless charger is a Matter-powered smart hub that can control your home devices

Samsung SmartThings Station hub
(Image credit: Samsung)

The SmartThings platform connects millions of devices, allowing you to control your smart home from a single platform. Today though, Samsung announced a new SmartThings hub that not only features Matter connectivity but is no bigger than a wireless phone charger. 

In fact, the SmartThings Station is a wireless phone charger, but built into that diminutive casing is all the SmartThings technology you need to connect your devices.  It also has a single button that can be programmed to run routines to turn on or off a series of home devices. 

Finished in either black or white to match your style, the SmartThings Station supports up to 15W wireless charging for your devices. You can even set the hub to run a routine when a phone is placed on the device – so when you charge your phone for the night it could turn on all the lights, or if you put your phone on charge when you get home, it could turn on the TV and the air con. 

Samsung SmartThings Station

The SmartThings Station was announced at Samsung's CES 2023 keynote

(Image credit: Future)

The device was launched during Samsung's main keynote at CES 2023 along side a wealth of ways that SmartThings can be used to help with every aspect of your day. It can monitor your home and pets when you're away, check for any devices left on, help find recipes based on what you have in your fridge and even help your cook them. 

While SmartThings can run directly from your phone or from tablets and screened devices, this is the smallest hub to date and can also give you an easy way to charge your phone.  

Samsung SmartThings Station hub

(Image credit: Samsung)
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