How to watch Sony's CES 2024 press conference and what to expect

Sony is to wrap up a busy day of CES press conferences, here's what you need to know about its event

Sony CES 2023
(Image credit: Sony)

There'll definitely be something strange in the neighbourhood, when Sony hosts its CES 2024 press conference later today.

Part of its tease features the Ghostbusters logo – albeit the one tweaked for PSVR2 game Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord. But, considering Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire also releases in cinemas later this year from Sony Pictures, it wouldn't be surprising if we don't see a full trailer debut too.

In fact, we might even get a star or two from the movie on stage... it's happened with other big Hollywood actors before. You can watch the event live above to find out for yourself.

And, here's everything else you need to know about the Sony CES 2024 press conference.

How to watch the Sony CES 2024 press conference

You can watch the Sony CES 2024 press conference live online via the video above.

Alternatively, it will be streamed on Sony's own YouTube channel.

What time does the Sony CES 2024 press conference start?

The Sony CES 2024 press conference starts at 17:00 PT (local time to Las Vegas) today, Monday 8 January 2024.

Here are the kick off times for your location:

  • US West Coast: 17:00 PT
  • US East Coast: 20:00 ET
  • UK: 01:00 GMT (9 January)
  • Central Europe: 02:00 CET (9 January)
  • India (New Delhi): 06:30 IST (9 January)
  • China (Beijing): 09:00 CST (9 January)
  • Japan (Tokyo): 10:00 JST (9 January)
  • South Korea (Seoul): 10:00 KST (9 January)
  • Australia (Sydney): 12:00 AEDT (9 January)

What to expect

We've heard surprisingly little from Sony so far, about the products it plans to show at CES 2024.

It has revealed that its event will "showcase various technologies and initiatives that support creators", but there's little on consumer electronics devices so far.

Sony has traditionally used its annual press conference to talk about the company's plans more widely, including a few mentions of how well PlayStation consoles are performing, although TVs have launched at the show in the past.

We're not expecting much on that front this time though, with last year's event focusing more on audio products than video. We could see a few special guests though, as that's happened in the past.

And we'll get some details on the brand's tie-in with Honda for future EVs.

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