Acer unveils Intel Atom tablet running MeeGo

M500: New 10-inch tablet with MeeGo OS on board

Since the rumours that Nokia's N9 would pack MeeGo, news relating to the OS had gone quiet until now.

Acer has unveiled it's latest foray into tablets with the 10-inch Iconia M500 which runs the widget-based operating system MeeGo.

Based around the principle of having the most important functions right at your fingertips Acer's custom skin of MeeGo is a simple affair, using live widgets and simple tabs to let you navigate your way around.

If it looks familiar as well, you'd be right. Essentially the sibling of Acer's Android equivalant the A500, the M500 runs on a Intel Atom processor and has a 1280x800 screen with 5MP snapper on the back

As a product it's definitely a desirable piece of kit, with the same slender lines we're seeing on Samsung's latest 10.1 Galaxy Tab and the iPad 2, whether or not it's back-to-basics UI will appeal remain to be seen. Acer's VP has said the M500 will be hitting stores at the end of this year, so there's still a time to wait yet.

What do you think about the M500, is MeeGo the new rival to Android, iOS and QNX on the BlackBerry PlayBook? Let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter.

Source: Engadget