title: T3 Guide to surviving the party season Part 4 / url: T3-Guide-to-surviving-the-party-season-Part-4


T3's guide to surviving the party season: Get your work life Christmas-ready


1. Microsoft Office tips

From presentations to email chains, these Office tips from Microsoft will help speed you along and lighten your load



“Manage and track emails easily. Long conversation threads can now be managed, compressed and filed away in just a few clicks. Any new emails coming will automatically be filed and join the compressed conversation.”

Ignore: ctrl + delete. Clean up: alt + delete



“A digital scrapbook to help organise your life, OneNote saves your notes to the cloud so you can access them on the move.”

How: Use windows key + s to clip something into Onenote



“Forget editing software; you can now embed videos right into the presentation and edit them there. If you’re really short on time, just pull a video from the web and place it right in your presentation.”

How: Insert tab > media group > video > insert video from website



2. Out of office replies

Don’t boast about holiday destinations and avoid jokes in your auto out-of-office reply as both will wear thin quickly. keep it simple and professional.



3. Acting out (of office)

You’re away from your desk for 7 gravy-drenched days – do try not to make a fool of yourself. Allison Nawoj, of ladder-climbing website www.careerbuilder.co.uk, has the following advice for holiday downtime.



“Put an "out of office" message on your voice- and e-mails and arrange for a colleague to handle urgent requests and leave his or her contact information on your messages.”


Take time to reflect

“Use time away from the office to think about the past year and what you accomplished. Looking back on previous accomplishments is important as it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks and lose track of important achievements – both personally and professionally.”


Be a goal-setter

“Once you’ve taken the time to reflect on the previous year, focus on what goals you’d like to meet in the new year. Want to be promoted? Learn a new skill? Conquer a presentation? Now is a good time to plan ahead for the future.”


Expand your network

“The holiday party circuit is a great opportunity for you to meet new people and establish connections. Take advantage of social functions to get to know people in your industry or others who can help you achieve your career goals.”


Prep for your job search

“If you’re currently unemployed, or if you’re employed but still open to a new opportunity, use the downtime before the start of the new year to polish your job searching strategy. With companies typically ramping up hiring after the first of the year, you’ll be in good shape if you’ve taken the time to update your CV, fine-tune your cover letter and create a list of target companies.”