Best cheap Fitbit deals for Cyber Monday and December 2023 – deals now live!

The best cheap Fitbit deals will help you count steps, monitor sleep, and track calories for less.

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Cyber Monday is the best time to shop the best cheap Fitbit deals. Tons of Fitbit offers are already live, including offers on the latest fitness tracker, the Fitbit Charge 6. All deals and discounts are listed below, so if you've got your eye on a Fitbit, click on the jump link and see what's on offer. Cyber Monday deals, here we come!

The best Fitbits are in high demand, but thankfully, the brand never shied away from selling their wearables at a discounted price, even mere weeks after the launch. In fact, there are plenty of Fitbit offers knocking about now – have a look around below to find one on your preferred Fitbit wearable.

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For maximum heart rate tracking accuracy, we recommend you check out the best heart rate monitors – no wrist wearable can be as accurate as those. Finally, the best fitness trackers offer a similar experience to Fitbits (in fact, the guide is full of Fitbit models), and even T3's best smartwatch guide features Fitbits (namely, the Sense).

Best cheap Fitbit deals available right now

Best Fitbit Cyber Monday 2023 deals

A little selection of Fitbit deals that are making their rounds online can be found highlighted below. For more deals on specifica models, scroll further down or use the jump links above.

Best Fitbit Sense & Versa deals

Fitbit Sense 2 against white background

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Fitbit Sense 2

Fitbit updated the Sense 2, which now has a physical button instead of that infuriatingly tricky-to-use capacitive push button found on the Sense. The Fitbit Sense 2 also has a cEDA sense that measures stress continuously (you have to initiate a stress test manually on the Fitbit Sense). The user interface is also better; the only downside is the lack of WiFi connectivity.

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best fitbit deals: Fitbit Sense

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Fitbit Sense

Thanks to the new Fitbit OS 5.1, the Sense is now capable of even more precise SpO2 measurements, not to mention its ECG and stress-measuring capabilities. Plus, you can choose from Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa smart assistants now. In case one voice assistant option is just not enough for you.

Fitbit Versa 4 against white background

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Fitbit Versa 4

On paper, the Fitbit Versa 4 is the best Fitbit for people who like to exercise. It has 40+ exercise modes, a multi-path heart rate sensor, a built-in GPS, and a slew of fitness features. In reality, it's little more than a Sense 2 Lite with no WiFi, no third-party app support, and other missing features. It's a decent smartwatch, though, especially if you find a good deal (check the widgets below).

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best fitbit deals: Fitbit Versa 3

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Fitbit Versa 3

Physically, the Versa 3 is almost identical to the Sense (apart from a couple of sensors) and provides almost the same user experience. What you miss out on by getting a Versa 3 is the stress tracking and the ECG, but if you can live without these, you can save a lot of money.

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Best Fitbit deals: Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2

The Versa 2 is slightly more attractive than its predecessor and comes with Alexa built-in – an odd but enjoyable version of Alexa, as it responds to your spoken instructions and requests in text form only, rather than yapping away on your wrist.  It has an always-on display – admittedly not the most battery life-friendly feature – plus you can also store over 300 songs on the watch and connect your running headphones to the watch.

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Best Fitbit Charge deals

Fitbit Charge 6 against white background

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Fitbit Charge 6

Fitbit Charge 5

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Fitbit Charge 5

The Charge 5 keeps a similar overall look to last year's Charge 4 but adds a splash of colour to a larger AMOLED touchscreen while slimming down the case overall. Said screen can be turned to stay 'always on': even better! The Charge 5 features the EDA stress sensor and can provide you with a Daily Readiness Score. 

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Best Fitbit deals: Fitbit Charge 4

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Fitbit Charge 4

Hot off the production lines, Charge 4 is the newest Fitbit and its best ever fitness band, as opposed to smartwatch-style tracker. Charge 4 is the first smaller and more affordable Fitbit to have GPS built in. It's an excellent fitness tracker with acceptably good cardio tracking, improved handling of notifications and Fitbit's usual, excellent battery life. It's doubtful that you'll see many Fitbit Charge 4 deals or discounts quite yet, mind.

Best Fitbit Inspire/Luxe deals