Best Christmas crackers 2024: luxury crackers for the holidays

Here's T3's round-up of the best Christmas crackers, featuring fun games, luxury gifts and top accessories

A gold Christmas cracker on a plate, surrounded by drink glasses and Chirstmas table decorations
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 Think Christmas dinner is complete without crackers? Pull the other one. The good news is that the days of tiny plastic toys and sewing kits belong to the ghost of Christmas past and this Christmas, crackers are classier and more luxurious than ever.

From attractive designs stuffed with luxurious pens and skincare to crackers filled with boozy miniatures, there’s something to delight everyone that won’t end up in the bin, or left to languish in a drawer until next year. (Just us?)

Not only will luxury crackers add something special to your Christmas dinner, but they could save you a fortune in presents and be split up as stylish gifts for those people who have everything. They also make ideal stocking fillers and presents for Secret Santa. For more gift inspiration, check out T3's guide to the best Christmas gifts.

We’ve rounded up the best crackers to get your dinner started with a bang!

Best Christmas crackers 2024

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How we test Christmas crackers

Here's the thing: we might not have tested all the Christmas crackers on this list. With so many crackers to choose from, including different brands, retailers and supermarkets, it's hard to try all the Christmas crackers that are available to buy.

But the Christmas crackers on this list are the best of the best, and the reason we know this is from other people's reviews and word of mouth. In creating this guide, we treated ourselves to some crackers and asked the people around us, and studied online reviews, to decipher which ones are worth your time.

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