Best duvet 2021: Top duvets that strike the perfect balance between cosy and cool

Looking for the best duvet to snuggle up in? We've got you covered with these excellent down, synthetic and wool picks

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Can't get comfy at night? Investing in one of the best duvets could fix the issue. We've scoured the shelves of the best duvet vendors, from traditional favourites such as John Lewis and Silentnight, to pioneering sleep startups, to find you the cosiest, comfiest duvets around, including down, synthetic and wool options at a range budgets. (While you're upgrading your bedding, we'd recommend checking out our best mattress guide and throwing in one of the best pillows while you're at it). 

These are the duvets that'll help you sleep better at night, whether you're looking for a cool covering for warm-weather nights, or a super-snuggly duvet that'll keep you toasty into the depths of winter. 

Buying a duvet: What you need to know

When it comes to choosing the best duvet, there are a couple of terms to consider. Firstly, the tog. That’s essentially its warmth factor: the higher the tog, the warmer the duvet. For a summer duvet, look for an option between 1-4 tog; for a winter duvet, you’ll want 10.5-15 tog. Or, you could choose a double duvet set, with a 'winter' and 'summer' duvet that can be joined together to make a kind of 'Roland Emmerich's The Day After Tomorrow' super-duvet.

Alternatively, a new breed of all-season duvets – like the new Simba Hybrid Duvet – shun tog ratings entirely. Instead, these use space-inspired fabric technology to regulate your temperature, cooling you down if you become too hot, and warming you up if you become too cold. 

Most importantly, look out for the type of material that fills your duvet. A lot of people tend to go for feather, which while heavy, allows you to wrap your duvet around yourself completely. Down is lighter, equally as cosy as feather, and not as much filling is required to provide the equivalent tog. Some of these can trigger allergies, so check for allergy-prevention certifications if that's relevant to you. 

Then there’s synthetic microfibre. Recent technological advances have allowed more expensive microfibre duvets to offer the same amount of breathability as down and feather, and they can be washed more regularly than natural fillings too. There’s also cost-effective duvets, which are perfect for the spare room, or those on a tight budget. Hypoallergenic duvets, of course, are good for those with allergies. 

If you struggle with anxiety or insomnia, you might also want to explore our guide to the best weighted blankets. These are designed to apply gentle, even pressure to the body to calm you down and encourage relaxation, and can be used as alternative to a duvet. Confused about sizing? Our mattress and bedding size guide will set you right, and covers US, UK and EU sizing and naming conventions.

The best duvets you can buy

Best duvet: Scooms Hungarian goose down all seasons duvetT3 Awards 2020

(Image credit: Scooms)

1. Scooms Hungarian goose down duvet all seasons

The best 3-in-1 duvet delivers a touch of luxury for all seasons

Tog rating: 9+4.5 (=13.5)
Stuffing: 90% goose down, 10% goose feather
Cover: Cotton
Reasons to buy
+Suitable for all but the most extreme temperatures+Feels great
Reasons to avoid
-Annoying snap fixings to join the 2 duvets in the set together

If you want to avoid being cold as you sleep, in winter, but also not sweating and boiling in summer, one obvious answer is to buy two duvets. And that's what this package from Scooms is. Specifically, it's a combo of a 9-tog spring/autumn duvet and a 4.5-tog one for summer. You can then combine the two to make one 13.5-tog mega-duvet for deepest winter. Although a lot of people will find the 9-tog is actually quite sufficient in colder weather, and that they don't need to ever break out the really big guns.

I must admit that I felt Scooms were being just a tad optimistic, trying to take on John Lewis & Partners in the premium-affordable, Hungarian goose down duvet market, with a higher-priced product and a stupider-sounding name. When you're getting paid to review duvets for a living, you get to feeling like Louis the Sun King bestowing favours. "Yeah, send me your £400 duvet, sure, I'll give it a go, but I can't promise anything; I get sent a lot of great duvets, you know what I mean?"

However, while the Scooms duvet is slightly more expensive, it is a lot more luxurious. That's due – in my view at any rate – to a better quality casing, better stitching and the slightly higher 'fill power' (700 to JL&P's 600). The tog rating of both duvets in this all-seasons set is identical at 4.5 and 9 but it feels 'snugglier', for want of a better word. I suspect it'll last just as well as the John Lewis one, if not better – the stitching and finishing on it seems destined to keep all the down where it's meant to be: on the inside.

Scooms' duvets also have multiple certifications for allergy-preventing, dust-mite-proofing and being free from 'harmful toxins and chemicals'. The packaging is entirely plastic free. Unlike the John Lewis duvet at #2, this one can also officially be line dried rather than being tumble-only.

The only thing I don't like about the Scooms all seasons is that the two duvets are held together by a load of weird, two-part snap connectors rather than poppers. These strike me as being both unnecessarily time consuming to snap together and apart and also quite easy to misplace when you're only using one of the duvets in the pair. Other than that, brilliant. A worthy winner of the 2020 T3 Award for Best Duvet.

Best duvet: Simba Hybrid Duvet with Stratos

2. Simba Hybrid Duvet with Stratos

Best all-seasons synthetic duvet

Tog rating: N/A (temperature regulating technology instead)
Stuffing: 'Aerelle' hypoallergenic fibre
Cover: Stratos one side, cotton the other
Reasons to buy
+Very comfortable+One duvet for the whole year+Regulates your temperature
Reasons to avoid
-Will not keep you cool on really hot nights

There are two approaches to the all-seasons duvet. One is the route is to sell you two duvets that can be stuck together, giving you the choice of a thin one, a thick one or a very thick, double one. Simba has taken a different tack with its Simba Hybrid Duvet, however. This all-seasons duvet uses space-inspired, phase-change fabric technology to regulate your temperature all year round, making sure you’re never too hot or too cold. The idea is that you’ll never need a separate summer duvet and winter duvet again. Depending on what sort of temperatures your bedroom gets to, it may or may not be true that it's ideal all year around, but it definitely keeps you warm on cold nights, yet does a decent job of keeping you cool on all but the hottest nights.

That's thanks to Stratos. No, not the 1970s aftershave, but an advanced fabric technology that reacts to both your body temperature and the temperature outside, absorbing heat if you start to become too warm, and storing it, ready to release if your temperature drops. On the other side is soft, breathable cotton; while a super-soft hypoallergenic fibre fill inside the duvet helps you stay comfortable throughout the night, using semi-conducting materials to draw any excess heat away from your body. Square quilting keeps the filling spread evenly across the duvet, and quick-fit tabs reduce the time it takes to make your bed. 

We'd take a down duvet over this, on the whole, but this is the best synthetic alternative out there. Head to our Simba Hybrid duvet review for more on what we thought.

Best duvet: John Lewis all-season Hungarian goose down

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

3. John Lewis & Partners Natural Collection Hungarian Goose Down 3-in-1 Duvet

One of the best goose down duvets to buy now

Tog rating: 9 + 4.5 (= 13.5)
Stuffing: 90% goose down, 10% goose feather
Cover: Cotton
Reasons to buy
+Suitable for all but the most extreme temperatures+Feels great
Reasons to avoid
-Must be tumble dried, allegedly-Scooms' duvet is a very similar price but feels even higher quality

There are plenty of brands doing the same sort of all-seasons duvet double pack but John Lewis (and his 'Partners') delivers a great mix of value for money and proven quality here. Although, alas, it has now been usurped by online upstart Scooms. This goose down option seems optimal for most people. It feels more pleasant than any synthetic duvet and is claimed to be both suitable for people with dust mite allergies and resistant to odour-causing bacteria. We can vouch for that: after years of use, ours has not made us sneeze or itch, nor does it have any particularly offensive 'odour'.

Further assisting that, this duvet/pair of duvets is easy to clean, although John Lewis insists it must be tumble dried immediately afterwards. Quite what happens if you don't do that is not clear, and we have quite successfully dried it on an airing rack, but the official advice is to tumble dry, so try air drying at your own risk. You could also opt for a similar John Lewis & Partners 3-in-1 in Siberian goose down for an even more luxuriously snugglesome night's kip, or there is the more affordable duck down, if you are some sort of cheapskate.

Soak&Sleep Luxury New Zealand Wool Duvet

(Image credit: Soak&Sleep)

4. Soak&Sleep Luxury New Zealand Wool Duvet

High-performing wool at a very reasonable price

Tog rating: 13.5
Material: New Zealand wool filling, cotton casing
Reasons to buy
+Naturally temperature regulating+Naturally hypoallergenic+5 year guarantee+Very reasonable prices
Reasons to avoid
-Slightly rustley at first

Soak&Sleep's Luxury New Zealand Wool Duvet is filled with 100% Mitchell wool from New Zealand, which it calls "the most unassuming superfibre of all". What makes wool so amazing? It's breathable, moisture-wicking, sustainable and recyclable. It's also apparently naturally temperature regulating, which should be good for couples with different sleeping preferences and styles. If you do want a warmer cover, there are ribbon ties around the edges that enable you to double it up with another duvet from the same range. 

Good news for allergy sufferers too, as wool is naturally hypoallergenic and these duvets are machine-washable at 30 degrees (assuming you can get your duvet in your washing machine). We tried the double 13.5 tog, and we were impressed. It felt cosy but still breathable and not heavy. The filling was well distributed and stayed that way (Soak&Sleep does recommend giving the duvet a good shake-out every morning). When it first arrived, the fabric was a little rustley, but it softened out over a few weeks, and if you're worried about a barnyard waft, there's no need to be – this smells like any other duvet.

Best duvet: John Lewis Superior Siberian Goose Down Duvet

5. John Lewis Superior Siberian Goose Down Duvet, 13.5 tog

The best John Lewis winter duvet, with 'ethically sourced' Siberian goose down

Tog: 13.5
Filling: 100% Siberian goose down
Cover: Cotton
Reasons to buy
+Lightweight while remaining soft and warm+High tog makes it great for cold nights

This is very much like a more luxe version of the John Lewis duvet above although this is just one 13.5-tog duvet, as opposed to two that can be combined to give 13.5-tog warmth. John Lewis does also do an all-seasons version of this (3.5 tog + 7 tog), if that's what you prefer. Because it's Siberian goose down, this does not mean a huge amount of weight, but it does have a pleasingly cosy heft to it. When Arctic winds from the north east blow over in the winter, you’ll be thankful you bought this. John Lewis & Partners' deluxe duvet is made from 100% Siberian goose down, which is naturally airy and insulating, and the brand says you’ll feel ‘perfectly warm without being weighed down’. Textbook. 

This is a high tog duvet, with a high quality filling that has been sourced as a byproduct of the food industry, so animal welfare is also a factor here. Admittedly, the way it has been sourced means the geese have been killed and eaten, so it's not that much of a factor, but at least they're trying. 

Also consider

If you want a truly ethical goose down duvet, The White Company has an Icelandic Eider duck down duvet where all the feathers have been hand picked from the abandoned nests of migrating birds. No, really. The cost is just a little prohibitive, but nobody said the ethical life was easy.

Best duvet: Panda The Cloud Bamboo Duvet

(Image credit: Panda)

6. Panda The Cloud Bamboo Duvet

Best sustainable duvet, great in most conditions

Tog: 10.5
Filling: 50% Bamboo Fibre, 50% Nano Microfibre
Cover: Rayon from bamboo
Reasons to buy
+Good temperature regulation+Easy to clean+Extreme, Haribo-style snuggliness
Reasons to avoid
-Does feel very synthetic if you're used to goose down

Now, the first thing to get out of the way here is that Panda's The Cloud Bamboo Duvet does not feel like sleeping under a pile of bamboo. It is, however, covered and partially stuffed with hypo-allergenic, eco-sustainable, insulating and temperature regulating fibres derived from bamboo. And very nice it is too.

The second thing to get out of the way about the Cloud Bamboo Duvet is that it doesn't feel that much like sleeping under a cloud, either. In fact, with it's slightly jelly-like stuffing, the nearest thing I can compare it to is sleeping under a large, soft bag stuffed with Haribo. Which, as you can imagine, is a pleasing experience.

As with Simba's duvet, it's very hard to confidently say you could really sleep under this all-seasons duvet in absolutely all temperature conditions – most particularly when it gets balmy in summer. At least Panda is willing to give it a tog rating – 10.5 – rather than pretending it has no heat rating because it's so futuristic, as Simba does.

However, in average UK conditions the Cloud does a great job of keeping you warm without making you sweaty, which is as much as one can ask, really. It also strikes a very good balance between being light, but not so light that it feels insubstantial. 

Best duvet: The White Company

(Image credit: The White Company)

7. The White Company Luxury Hungarian Goose Down Duvet, 10.5 Tog

Excellent autumn-to-spring luxe goose down duvet

Tog: 10.5
Filling: 80% goose down, 20% goose feather
Cover: Cotton
Reasons to buy
+Very cosy and warm+Premium feel
Reasons to avoid
-Premium pricing

With a 10-year guarantee giving peace of mind – not that we've ever managed to break a duvet, and certainly not one costing up to £380 – this White Company quilted wonder feels more luxurious than John Lewis' Hungarian goose down offerings. It is admittedly somewhat more expensive as a result, but you get what you pay for.

The cover is 329-thread-count cotton percale, with an elaborate box construction giving even warmth. For some people, 10.5 togs will be too warm in summer but it should be good for most of the year. You can attach any The White Company duvet to any other The White Company duvet, so if 10.5 tog is in fact not warm enough, you can add a 4.5-tog one (from £125) easily. Or, if you live in a house with no windows, in the Outer Hebrides, add a 13.5-tog duvet of the same type (from £185) for an Arctic-ready 24 tog in total.

Buy 10.5-tog version at The White Company from £170 to £380 (double is £240)

best duvet: Silentnight complete bed set

8. Silentnight 10.5 Tog Complete Bed Set

Best super cheap duvet, comes with mattress protector and pillows!

Tog: 10.5
Filling: 100% hollow fibre filling
Reasons to buy
+Great value for money+Includes pillows and mattress protector+Machine-washable
Reasons to avoid
-Not so breathable

If you’re an efficient shopper who loves a bargain, try this 'bed set' from Silentnight. With pillows and mattress topper included, one click of the buy button nets you everything you need for your bed, or when mates come to stay. With a tog of 10.5, the Silentnight 10.5 Tog Complete Bed Set sits perfectly in the middle of the spectrum, making it a good year-rounder for the average British temperature. Reviewers see it as an ideal spare room duvet.

Brook + Wilde marlowe duvet

(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

9. Brook + Wilde Marlowe

The best high-end duvet

Tog: 10.5
Filling: 90% new white Hungarian goose down
Cover: Egyptian cotton
Reasons to buy
+Luxurious feel+Plump and cosy+Breathable
Reasons to avoid
-Premium pricing

If you want to really push the boat out, the best duvet for you might be the grandly named Marlowe from British luxury sleep brand Brook + Wilde. This 10 tog duvet sits at the top of the brand's bedding range, and is fabulously soft and cosy. Down-proof Egyptian cotton encases a lofty and plump filling of 90% new white Hungarian goose down (with certifications to guarantee its ethically sourced). As you'd expect, it's sumptuous and well-made... the only real question is how much you're will to spend, because these duvets don't come cheap (although a Brook + Wilde discount code or deal might help).

best duvet: Woolroom Deluxe medium duvet

(Image credit: Woolroom)

10. Woolroom Deluxe medium duvet

Potentially a great duvet for allergy sufferers

Tog: 8-12
Filling: Wool
Cover: Not stated
Reasons to buy
+Very warm in cold conditions+Not overly hot when it's warmer+Reduces allergens and toxins

Woolroom's duvets are, as the name suggests, stuffed with a wool-based filling. The headline claim for the brand's bedding (it also does pillows and bed linen) is that wool is 'proven to provide a 25% better night’s sleep than other forms of bedding'. 

Clearly this is not an assertion that is easy to verify, but what is undeniable is that the Woolroom Deluxe Medium duvet, far from being too hot as you might assume, actually seems highly adept at keeping you protected from the cold, without making you too warm. That is due to another quality that wool has, which is excellent heat and moisture management. Wool is also adept at combatting toxins and allergens –unless you're allergic to wool, in which case you probably don't need us to tell you to move on. 

Woolroom's products feel suitably luxurious but aren't excessively priced. We have no idea if we'd slept 25% better when using them, but they were more than a match for the comparably-priced John Lewis goose and duck down mix duvet that we usually employ.

best duvet: John Lewis Perfect Natural Mulberry Silk Duvet

(Image credit: John Lewis)

11. John Lewis Perfect Natural Mulberry Silk Duvet

Best spring-summer duvet, with breathable microfibre and silk

Tog: 6-7
Filling: Silk
Cover: Cotton sateen
Reasons to buy
+Filled with silk for a luxurious finish+Microfibre yet breathable
Reasons to avoid
-Not as snuggly as down or feather

If you don’t like the idea of a feather or down duvet but want something that’s breathable, the John Lewis Perfect Natural Mulberry Silk Duvet promises to do just that. The brand describe it as beautifully soft and warm, which is thanks to several of its design innovations. Firstly, the natural silk fibres of the silkworm. Secondly, the 300-thread count cotton sateen cover, which gives it its breathability. Reviewers find that the silk feels thinner than down but works well to regulate body temperature during those milder nights, plus it is fantastic for allergy sufferers. For a spring/summer duvet that pleases everyone, you can’t go wrong.