Nanu Hot And Not duvet review: split-temperature duvet to keep couples happy

Could this dual-temperature bedding save your relationship? Our Nanu Hot And Not duvet review reveals all

Nanu hot or not duvet
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For couples who sleep at different temperatures, Nanu Hot And Not duvet can help keep both of you happy. While the warmth level between its two halves is subtle, it is noticeable. And while you do pay a little more for this option, consider the arguments you might avoid as a result.

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    Only available in Double or King

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If you share a bed with your partner, you'll know how frustrating it can be when one of you feels either colder or warmer at night than the other. The results can include tugs of war over the duvet, feelings of resentment, and lost sleep. If any of that rings a bell, then Nanu has a potential solution.

Nanu's duvets are not only available in a range of tog ratings, but you can mix and match within two halves of the same duvet. It's kind of ordering a half-and-half pizza, allowing both of you – in theory at least – to enjoy the perfect sleeping environment. So what's a Nanu Hot And Not duvet like in practice? Is that clever feature enough to rank it amongst today's best duvets? We got our hands on one, and gave it a try.

Nanu Hot And Not duvet review: How to order

When ordering your Nanu duvet, you're given a choice of four tog levels: 'toasty' (13.5 tog), 'cosy' (10.5 tog), 'chilled' (7.5 tog) or 'extra cool' (4.5 tog). You can either order duvets with a single tog rating, which is the cheaper option, or go for a split-temperature duvet. This allows you to specify a separate tog rating for the left and right hand side of the duvet. 

Nanu hot and not duvet review

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However, note that these can only be one level apart from each other: for example, 'left: toasty, right: cosy', or 'left: cosy, right: chilled'. That means you cannot have two halves that are more than one level apart, eg 'left: cosy, right: extra cool.' Also be aware that Nanu duvets only come in two sizes: Double (200 x 200cm) and KIng (220 x 225cm).

We opted for a King with a toasty right side (13.5 tog) and a cosy left side (10.5 tog).

Nanu Hot And Not duvet review: Construction

The Nanu Hot And Not duvet is made with a polyester microfibre cover and a hollowfibre filling made from recycled plastic. Nanu says that each of its duvets stops 17 plastic bottles going to landfill.

Nanu hot and not duvet

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The colour is crisp and bright white, with the Nanu logo in orange repeating along the edgings. There are two tags on both the left and right to show you which side is cooler and warmer. Also, the cooler side has more stitched channels than the warmer side, which has just two wide panels, making it easy to tell them apart.

It's soft to the touch and looks generally well constructed, although on close inspection, one part of the stitching had come loose, which was disappointing for a brand new product. However, the duvet comes with a two year manufacturer's guarantee so you are covered for such issues.

Nanu Hot And Not duvet review: Comfort

In practice, we found that the Nanu Hot And Not duvet delivers exactly what it promises. The filling inside felt light and scrunchy in all the right ways, and made nestling in the duvet on the sofa a pleasurable experience. Later, in bed, the difference in temperature sleeping under each half of the duvet was palpable, if subtle.

Nanu Hot And Not duvet

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This is not a particularly heavy or bulky duvet, so if you like to feel some weight bearing down on you in the night, this might not be for you. But if a light, soft and unfussy duvet is what you're after, you'll find it a treat.

In general, we found this duvet comfortable to sleep under, fitted our duvet cover nicely, and generally ticked all the boxes. It's also practical, as you can machine wash it on a gentle cycle at 40 degrees, and tumble-dry it.

Nanu Hot And Not duvet review: The small print

At RRP, the Nanu Hot And Not duvet costs £70 for a Double and £75 for a King. It comes with a two-year manufacturer's guarantee. Delivery is limited to the UK mainland. 

Standard delivery (five to seven working days) is free, or you can pay for express delivery of two to three working days. if you're unhappy with your order, you're free to exchange your item(s) within seven days.

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