Nectar mattress discount codes and deals for September 2020: the best ways to save this summer

US and UK shoppers can snap up plenty of free accessories with these excellent Nectar discount codes and deals

Nectar discount code and deals
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In the market for a Nectar discount code or deal? We update this article regularly with the best offers, to ensure you don't miss a bargain. This August, Nectar has some decent offers on both sides of the Pond.

In the UK, there are a couple of deals on at Nectar. The first is 35% off any mattress – it looks like you just need to subscribe to the Nectar newsletter to claim. The second is a whole bunch of free gifts with every mattress purchase. Nectar says that between the two deals you could save up to a massive £519 on your new sleep setup... but I'd take that with a slight pinch of salt, because these deals are both very, very common. That said, it's still a discount not to be sniffed at, and you get that industry-leading 365-night trial and forever warranty too.

In the US, the current sale gets you a free sleep accessories bundle with every mattress. It's an offer we see pretty much constantly, it could still save you almost $400 (if you need all those accessories). The bundle includes a mattress protector, sheet set and pillows. You don't need a Nectar promo code to claim – the freebies will be offered automatically when you check out. 

In the UK, you've just got one mattress in the range: the luxurious, medium-firm memory foam Nectar original scores very highly in our best mattress ranking (head to our Nectar mattress review for more info). In the US, as well as that model, there's the Nectar Premier with PCM-infused gel memory foam for enhanced cooling and a denser comfort layer, and the Premier Copper, which is taller and claims to be both cooler and more supportive than either of the other two mattresses in the range. 

If you're a student heading off to university, and need a mattress, the Nectar Original could be a great shout. The free shipping and returns make things nice and simple, and there's a year-long trial you can use to make sure it's a great choice for you. And if you're in the US, the current bundle offer means you can take care of all your bedding needs in one fell swoop. To compare these prices to other brands, head to our best cheap mattress deals guide, or for more student essentials, check out our back to school guide

UK Nectar Sleep mattress sale | 35% off any mattress, plus free sleep accessories bundle
Save up to £519!
Head direct to Nectar for 35% off this top-quality mattress. Made in Britain, the Nectar is a 25cm thick medium-firm memory foam mattress designed to hug your body and keep you cool and supported all night long.View Deal

US Nectar mattress deal: Up to $399 of accessories with every mattress
For its Sizzling Summer Sale, Nectar is throwing in a generous selection of accessories when you buy your mattress. You'll get two premium pillows, a mattress protector and a sheet set included with your purchase, saving you up to $399.View Deal

The Nectar is exceptionally comfortable and supportive. In fact there's not a whole lot separating it from our #1 mattress – check out our Emma Original vs Nectar mattress comparison for more on that. This company also shines in on particular area: it offers a whopping 365-night trial on its mattresses. The company is that confident you'll like its memory foam mattresses that it gives you a whole year to test them out. If you're not 100% happy within that time, Nectar will collect the mattress for free and give you a full refund. (Nectar also makes some great sleep accessories, including one of the best weighted blankets around).

How good is the Nectar mattress?

The Nectar original mattress is a no-nonsense memory foam mattress comprising of three layers of foam. The first layer is polyurethane foam, which offers different levels of tailored support. Then there's a layer of cushioning memory foam, which moulds to your body shape. Finally, on top sits a “Nectar smart layer” – which the company says is 30 times more breathable than regular memory foam. 

The Nectar mattress is medium-firm, making it a good match for anyone who moves around a lot, or likes to sleep on their back, side or stomach. Nectar is certainly confident that you’re going to love the mattress. The company has shunned the usual 100-night trial – instead offering an almighty 365-night trial period. Plus, you benefit from a ‘forever’ warranty, unlike the 10-year guarantee from other bed-in-a-box brands.

Which Nectar mattress should I buy?

Not sure which Nectar mattress is right for you? If you're visiting from the UK, it's simple: there's only one Nectar mattress, the Nectar Memory Foam mattress. In the US, you have a second mattress: the new Nectar Lush. This is pricier, but offers superior cooling features and higher density foam to provide fast recovery, bounce and mobility. Read on for a closer look at both.

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Nectar Mattress Deals

(Image credit: Nectar Sleep )
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Nectar Mattress Deals

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Nectar Memory Foam mattress

Nectar's original mattress, available in the US and UK

Sizes: Single - Super King / Twin - Cal King
Depth: 25cm / 11"
Turn: No
Filling: PU Foam and Memory foam
Comfort: medium-firm
Trial: 365 days
Guarantee: Forever
RRP UK: Single, £599; Double, £699; King, £799; Super king, £899
MSRP US: Twin, $499; Twin XL, $569; Full, £699; Queen, $799; King, $999; Cal King, $999
Reasons to buy
+Huge 365 night trial period+Amazing 'forever' warranty +Comfortable for a variety of sleeping styles
Reasons to avoid
-No handles to help rotate the mattress
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Nectar Lush mattress

(Image credit: Nectar)
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Nectar Lush mattress

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Nectar Lush mattress

Nectar's new addition, US only

Sizes: Twin - Cal King
Depth: 12"
Turn: No
Filling: Memory foams
Trial: 365 days
Guarantee: Forever
MSRP US: Twin $1398; Twin XL $1448; Full £1748; Queen $1898; King $2198; Cal King $2198
Reasons to buy
+Cooling cover and gel memory foam layer for cooling+High-density memory foam for bounce+Comfortable for a variety of sleeping styles
Reasons to avoid
-No handles to help rotate the mattress

How much does a Nectar mattress cost?

Nectar mattress discounts and deals

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At full price, the Nectar mattress is at the more expensive end of the mid-range mattress market. In the UK, RRP prices for the Nectar original start at £414 for a Single. Then it goes up in £100 increments: a Double is £549 (a Small Double is the same price), a King costs £649 and a Super King will set you back £749. Those prices reflect a drop of around £50 on most sizes in mid-2020.

In the US, there's a bit of an odd situation. There's an official MSRP, but we don't ever really see these mattresses sold at anywhere near that price. The pricing you can expect for the Nectar original is as follows: a Twin is usually $1099 (MSRP $1398), Twin XL is $1149 (MSRP $1448), Full is typically $1349 (MSRP $1748), Queen is $1499 (MSRP $1898), and the King and Cal King are $1799 (MRSP $2198).

In the US, the Nectar Lush has a similar official vs expected price situation, even though it's brand new out in winter 2020. A Twin is typically $1099 (MSRP $1398), Twin XL is $1149 (MSRP $1448), Full is usually $1349 (MSRP $1748), Queen is $1499 (MSRP $1898), and the King and Cal King will typically cost you $1799 (MRSP $2198).

When making your purchasing decision, factor in the value of the extras you get with Nectar. Firstly, that impressive 'forever' guarantee means you have a guarantee for as long as you own the mattress: in the words of Nectar, 'forever means forever'. Secondly, there's a 365 night trial, which matches the longest any company offers (and those that do offer this long a trial are very few and far between). Finally, there are very regular deals and sales that either drop the price or bundle in sleep accessories for free, to help you save. This is the page to bookmark for any Nectar mattress discount codes and deals. 

Nectar mattress sales, deals and discount codes

We've shown you today's cheapest Nectar prices – but there are other ways to bag a Nectar mattress discount too. Plenty of retailers run Nectar mattress sales throughout the year; or, if you sign up to Nectar’s ambassador program, you can earn up to £100 per every sale you refer. 

Nectar: Earn up to £100 per sale by becoming an ambassador
Sign up to Nectar’s ambassador program and you can earn up to £100 per every sale you refer. Of course, it’s not for everyone, but if you like the mattress and tell people about it, your commission will quickly add up. View Deal

Nectar: Shop direct and get the best deals
Buying your mattress direct from the Nectar Sleep will often give you the best Nectar mattress deals anywhere. TAnother benefit of buying from Nectar direct is that you have the option to pay monthly for your mattress via its partner Splitit.View Deal

Argos: Get next day delivery with Argos
Argos stocks each size of Nectar mattress, and although there doesn’t seem to be any discounts on offer at the moment, you do benefit from next-day delivery, with prices starting at just £6.95. There are regular money-off Nectar mattress promotions and discount codes at Argos, so keep an eye on the site.View Deal

Next: Shop mattresses at Next
Next has Nectar Mattresses in all sizes, and delivery is just £3.99. Whilst there are no current deals on Nectar mattresses, you can find plenty of discount codes for the site. Head to Next and sign up for VIP access so you can get the inside track on when the online sales are going to be held. You'll also be allocated a slot to shop the bargains 24 hours before anyone else.View Deal

Amazon: Shop mattress deals at Amazon
Amazon stocks the full range of Nectar mattresses – and you still benefit from the same forever warranty and 365-night home trial.
View Deal

More Nectar sleep products

Nectar doesn't just make excellent, award-winning mattresses, but also a variety of other products to help you get the best night's sleep ever. From pillows to duvets and bed frames, whatever you need to give your bed the ultimate upgrade, you can find it from Nectar. These Nectar accessories are only available on the Nectar Sleep website, so you know that you’ll be getting the best price when you order from them direct. 

Nectar duvet | From £70 / From $149 $75
The UK Nectar Duvet is an all-season, 10.5 tog duvet that blends Smartfil technology with a special ingredient called Modal that helps keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In the US, the 'Hit the Hay' duvet boast a 300 thread-count cotton cover and a temperature-regulating, clump-resistant lightweight microfibre fill. Head to our best duvet guide for more options.View Deal

Nectar memory foam pillows | From $75 / From £70 for 2
Nectar has a range of pillows to choose from, most with a quilted cover made from cooling fabric, a breathable mesh border, and a supportive, moldable memory foam inner. Head to our best pillow guide for some alternatives.

Nectar mattress protector: From £50 / $99 any size
If you want to improve the life-span of your mattress, then investing in a mattress protector can help keep your Nectar mattress clean and protect it against wear and tear. Both are made from soft, breathable fabric, and the US one is even waterproof. Check out more best mattress protector options.

View Deal

Here are the deals you missed...

To give you an idea of the kinds of offers you can expect from Nectar, here's a rundown of the deals you've missed. 

UK Nectar mattress deal | £125 off any mattress
Head to Nectar UK for a sweet January discount on all sizes. The 25cm memory foam mattress is designed to gently hug your body, without trapping heat, and you get a full year to make sure you love it. There's also 30% off a range of bedding.View Deal

The best UK Nectar deals from 2020...

  • Dec 2020: £125 off every mattress, plus two free pillows
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020: T3 exclusive – £135 off mattresses, plus 2 free pillows
  • Pre-Black Friday 2020: £100 off, plus 2 free pillows
  • November 2020: 5 free sleep accessories with your mattress
  • October 2020: £100 off any mattress, plus 2 free pillows
  • September 2020: 5 free gifts with every mattress
  • August 2020: £250 off mattresses + 2 free pillows

The best US Nectar deals from 2020...

  • Regular deal 2020: $399 free accessories with every mattress
  • June 2020: $100 off mattresses + two free pillows