Dusk Feels Like Down duvet review

Looking a non-feather duvet that still feels luxurious? The Dusk Feels Like Down duvet promises to fill that niche. Here's our review

Dusk Feels Like Down duvet on a carpet
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T3 Verdict

The Dusk Feels Like Down duvet is a reasonably priced duvet with a lot to recommend it. The casing is 100% cotton, the build quality is impeccable, and there's the option to combine a couple of togs to make it suitable for year-round use. We found it sleeps on the warm side, but it's great for chilly weather or colder sleepers.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    High build quality

  • +

    Cosy for winter

  • +

    Cotton casing

  • +

    Option to combine for All Seasons

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Connecting poppers can come undone occasionally

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For this Dusk Feels Like Down duvet review, I put the synthetic bedding option from this UK brand to the test. Dusk was founded in 2016, with the aim of providing luxury bedding at a reasonable price. As well as a selection of duvets and pillows, it also sells mattresses, beds, mattress protectors and toppers, towels, and bedsheets.

At time of writing, the Dusk Feels Like Down duvet is one of four duvet styles available; the brand also has options stuffed with Goose Down, duck down and cotton. You can opt for the 4.5 tog summer-weight duvet, the 9 tog for spring / autumn, or the 13.5 tog for winter. Alternatively, you can go for the All Seasons option, which contains the 4.5 tog and 9 tog duvets, which can be attached together to give you a weight for any season. 

That All Seasons option is the one I tested here. How does it match up against the rest of today's best duvets? Read on for my full Dusk Feels Like Down duvet review.

Dusk Feels Like Down duvet review: design

Dusk Feels Like Down duvet specs

Tog rating: 4.5 tog + 9 tog (13.5 tog combined)
Stuffing: polyester microfibre
Cover: cotton percale
Washing: machine washable at 40C
Sizes available: UK Single, Double, King, Super King

This is a British brand and it's available in UK sizes only: Single, Double, King and Super King. As I outlined in the intro, you can pick from three tog options (4.5, 9 and 13.5) or combine the first two into the All Seasons duvet, which is the version I tried. 

The 'Feels Like Down' stuffing is designed to mimic the feel of a goose or duck feather duvet, but is in fact 100% lightweight polyester microfibre. The casing is not synthetic, however, but made from cotton percale. The build quality is impeccable, with double stitching and subtle piping along the seams. A grid pattern keeps the stuffing in place well. 

In terms of care, Dusk recommends you shake out and air this duvet daily. If you have a large washing machine you can launder it at 40ºC, and it is suitable for tumble drying on low, too.

Dusk Feels Like Down duvet on a carpet

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Dusk Feels Like Down duvet review: comfort and use

In my tests, the Dusk Feels Like Down duvet performed well. Synthetic stuffing often means a more breathable but less warm duvet compared to down, but the opposite is true here (which makes sense, given it's meant to mimic down). It feels on the weightier side, and keeps the heat in well. On hot nights, I've found it a little clammy feeling, even when using the lower tog, one-duvet option. But in chillier weather it delivers well on the warmth front. The synthetic down substitute also stayed in place well, and responded well to shaking out.

Dusk says these are 'lofty and luxurious'. I wouldn't say it was especially lofty, but then I was testing a 4.5 tog (which is essentially blanket thickness) and a 9 tog, so you might get more snuggle with a higher-tog option.

All of the duvets have poppers that enable you to connect them if you do decide to go for the multi-duvet option. These are a straightforward, fuss free option, and there's no risk of losing parts (as is the case with the Scooms duvet's fiddly connectors). Ideally I think you'd want perhaps an extra couple of popper points in the mix – the current design just uses one in each corner, and one came undone during my tests, which led to the duvet getting all bunched up inside its case. 

Dusk Feels Like Down duvet on a carpet

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Dusk Feels Like Down duvet review: delivery and extras

The Dusk Feels Like Down duvet comes in a plastic zip bag, which is fairly standard for duvets but doesn't feel hugely luxurious. Presumably the idea is that this is a good place to store your spare duvet when it's not on your bed, but I suspect it's going to start looking worse for wear before too long. Other brands, such as Scooms, have opted for a much nicer looking fabric bag, although to be fair, the price point there is much higher.

Dusk Feels Like Down duvet in plastic bag, on a carpet

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For bedding, standard delivery takes 3-5 working days and is free on orders over £50 and £3.99 otherwise. You can also pay £4.99 for next-day delivery if you order before 7pm. There's nothing in the way of trial period (these are rare but not non-existent when it comes to bedding) and no information regarding a guarantee period. 

The returns policy seems pretty standard, if a little on the ungenerous side: you have a strict 30 days from the delivery date to return, and you can only return good that are unused, unwashed and in the original packaging. Faults seem to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. 

Based on its Trustpilot reviews, Dusk seems pretty impressive on the customer service front – there are multiple reviews praising this brand's efficient delivery and response times. At time of writing it had a 4.5 star average over ~34,500 reviews.

Dusk Feels Like Down duvet review: alternatives to consider

If it's all-seasons, 3-in-1 duvet options you're interested in, I also love Scooms' option. You can read about it in our Scooms Hungarian Goose Down duvet review. While it's a lot more expensive than the Dusk duvet, it is an excellent quality duvet that delivers when it comes to comfort and warmth, although the connecting poppers can be easily lost, and obviously it's down rather than synthetic, if you have a preference either way on that.

John Lewis also makes a range of three-in-one duvets at a range of price points. Most come highly reviewed, although I haven't been able to try them out personally. 

If you don't need a range of togs, we're also huge fans of the Panda Cloud Duvet. It's made from bamboo, and is light, fluffy and snuggly. 

Dusk Feels Like Down duvet review: verdict

The Dusk Feels Like Down duvet is very well made, feels high quality, and does a great job of keeping you cosy at night. It's not as lofty and light feeling as some synthetic options, so will suit those who prefer a bit more weight to their duvet. If you opt for the 2-in-1 version, the popper connectors as faff-free and work well enough (one of my came undone one night during my tests, but it hasn't been a recurring problem). 

First reviewed June 2022

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