The best Lego sets 2018: Star Wars, Dr Who, Minecraft and more block-based joy bundles

Lego is awesome. Discover the joy of sets, with our pick of the top of the blocks

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If you're looking for the best Lego sets, from the amazing Lego Star Wars series, to high-tech Lego Technics, Lego Mindstorms, Lego Minecraft and even Lego City, you're in luck.

If you were anything like us, a lot of childhood days were spent sat in the lounge, with a massive box of Lego spread across the floor. Many an hour would fly by while we tried to successfully construct a replica of the X-Wing from Star Wars.

Luckily, as the years have flown by, Lego's tech has increased and now there are some stunning models you can build.

From Star Wars to Minecraft, and even the excellent recent Disney film, Moana, Lego has managed to license some of Hollywood's hottest property and turn them into plastic brick form.

But it's not just movies, Lego loves everything from tech fuelled robots, to Grand Prix racing cars, so we've rounded up the ones that you'll want to splash out on this year. Don't worry, you can always say you got it for the kids.

These are the best Lego sets you can buy:

Lego BOOST Creative Toolbox

It's not just fun, it's eductional

Reasons to buy
+Educational+Number of games+Multiple models+Coding

What you're looking at here isn't your standard Lego set, it's five different programable models, which are all educational and fun. The Boost Creative Toolbox works in partnership with an app, which not only brings your creations to life, but also introduces basic coding. The five models include Vernie the Robot, the M.T.R.4 (Multi-Tooled Rover 4), the Guitar4000, Frankie the Cat, and last but not least, the AutoBuilder - an automated production line that really builds miniature LEGO models! 

Pieces: 847

Lego Ideas Caterham Seven 620R Sports Car

Kit car of a kit car, it's kit car inception

Reasons to buy
+Iconic car+Functional axle+Detailed engine

If your savings can't quite stretch to a real kit car, how about a kit of a kit car instead? We simply love this Lego set of the iconic Caterham, which was made as part of the Lego Ideas platform, where fans can submit their own designs. The set consists of over 770 pieces, including a detailed replica of the Caterham 620R's engine and gear stick, as well as a removable nose cone, opening boot, and functional axle stands.

Number of pieces: 771

Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon

This Lego set can make the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs

Reasons to buy
+It's the Millennium Falcon!+Playset inside+Lots of characters

Lego and Star Wars is a partnership that has spawned so many great models and games, yet the Millennium Falcon is probably our favourite purely down to the intricate details. They've included a fully kitted out interior, laser cannons and you can remove the cockpit cover, to get right up close to Chewie and Han. Measuring 38cm wide and 10cm tall, this model will sit proudly on your mantle – much better than some old vase.

Number of pieces: 1,330

Lego Creators Mighty Dinosaurs

Three Dino kits in one

Reasons to buy
+Affordable+Three kits in one

This Dinosaur set is the best selling Lego set on Amazon. It's an attractive price, and is actually three sets in one. You have the option of creating a menacing T. rex, powerful Triceratops or a terrifying Pterodactyl. That's great VFM, if ever we saw it!

Number of pieces: 174

Lego The Simpsons House

The Simpsons. In Lego from.

Reasons to buy
+Giant kit+Loads of characters+Includes car

The TV show may have lost it's way slightly, but that doesn't take away from how awesome the Lego set of the Simpsons house is. The massive structure can open, allows you to recreate your favourite scenes from the programme. You get all the major characters, and even Homer's car. It's pricey, but it's so worth it.

Number of pieces: 2,523

Lego Batman Mr. Freeze Ice Attack

Na na na na na naaaa, Lego Batman!

Reasons to buy
+Functional gun+Affordable+Batman!

Everyone loves Lego Batman, and if you don't, well, this set probably isn't for you. This set includes the Caped Crusader himself, and Mr Freeze, complete with functioning ice gun.

Number of pieces: 201

Lego Jurassic World Indominus Rex Breakout

Fear the Indominus Rex

Reasons to buy
+Large kit+Playset functions+Great franchise

Jurassic World was without doubt one of the biggest (and best) film releases of 2015, so it wouldn't be right if there wasn't a matching LEGO set. Luckily, there is, and the Indominus Rex Breakout set is our pick of the bunch. With 1,156 pieces, four mini figures and a dinosaur. Do you really need any further convincing?

Number of pieces: 1,156

Lego Dr Who TARDIS

It's bigger on the inside

Reasons to buy
+Dr Who Minifigure+Detachable console+Daleks

For ages it seemed like a Dr Who lego set was never going to happen, but as a result of the Lego Ideas scheme, the TARDIS in Logo-form is now a reality. This set features the famous blue police box, detachable interior console room, the Doctor, Clara and a few nasty Daleks to battle.

Number of pieces: 623

Lego The Lego Movie: MetalBeard's Sea Cow

Avast ,me hearties, tis the Sea Cow

Reasons to buy
+Pirate ships are cool+Large kit+Even has the double decker couch

This giant Lego pirate ship is awesome (see what we did there?), the box contains a massive 2741 pieces which makes up the Sea Cow, Metal Beard, and double-decker couch. It's intricately detailed, and incredibly fun, make sure there's room on your shelf though, the Sea Cow measures 58cm high and 61cm long.

Number of pieces: 2,741

Lego Deep Sea Exploration Vessel

It actually floats!

Reasons to buy
+It floats+Massive Lego City universe+Everyone likes boats

Loaded with the latest diving tech, the newest Lego City models are all focused on deep sea exploration. It's tipped to be one of the hottest toys this Christmas. Our pick of the range is the Exploration Vessel, which actually floats! And comes with a sunken ship to exploe. Guaranteed unlimited bath-time fun.

Number of pieces: 907

Lego Ghostbusters Ecto-1

We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!

Reasons to buy
+All the characters+It's awesome+It's the Ghostbuster

The iconic vehicle from the 80's Blockbuster film is finally in Lego-form. The Ecto-1 measure 20cm long, 6cm wide, 9cm high, and comes packing all the necessary paranormal activity-detecting equipment. Of course, you'll also get Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston as minifigures, with proton packs included.

Number of pieces: 508

Lego Minecraft The First Night

Physical blocks from a digital blocks game

Reasons to buy
+From Lego Ideas+Minecraft is massive+Looks just like the game
Reasons to avoid
-Empty List

Minecraft seems ripe for a Lego version, as it's already pretty blocky in its original form. Chosen by CUSOO (Lego Ideas), this model has a particularly smooth finish to it, mimicking the actual Minecraft pixelated look down to a tee. Three characters, Steve and Creeper and a pig, are included, so you can even play your own little game.

Number of pieces: 408

Lego The Lonely Mountain

Fear Smaug

Reasons to buy
+Five minifigures+Real treasure+Cool set

Venture deep into the heart of the Lonely Mountain with this Lego Hobbit set, complete with a fire-breathing Smaug. The set also contains five minifigures, and real (Lego) treasure.

Number of pieces: 866

Lego Disney Princess Moana's Ocean Voyage

Make way, make way for Moana!

Reasons to buy
+Easy to make+Great franchise+

Disney's latest Summer flick, Moana, was excellent, and so are the Lego sets which go along with it. We really like this set with Moana, Maui, and of course, HeiHei. Just try to not get the songs stuck in your head.

Number of pieces: 307

Lego London Skyline

Create a miniature version of London's landmarks

Reasons to buy
+Good memento+Great buildings+Iconic

Create the most iconic buildings in London's skyline with this set from Lego's Architecture range. The set includes the National Gallery, Nelson’s Column, London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge, all set on a blue base plate, intended to represent the Thames.

Number of pieces: 468

Lego Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Incredibly accurate

Reasons to buy
+Developed by Porsche+Incredibly detailed+Working engine

This awesomely detailed kit was developed in collaboration with Porsche, so you know it's going to good. The Lego model features aerodynamic lines, an adjustable rear wing, basically, plenty of details for a 911 fanatic to nerd over! Open the doors and you'll find a cabin kitted out with racing seats, a functioning gearbox, steering wheel with paddle shifters, detailed instrument panel and a storage compartment containing a unique serial number. In the rear is a detailed 6 cylinder engine with working pistons. It's the next best thing to owning one.

Number of pieces: 2,704