Best Lego deals for October 2019

The cheapest Lego sets for adults and kids

Best Lego deals

Roll up, roll up, if you're looking for the best Lego deals, we've got them. Save money on excellent Lego sets, no matter whether you're looking for something for kids to play with, adults to build as a fun project, or a little present to yourself.

We've got everything from big sets to small, and the big licenses to simple creative boxes. And expect to see more here when start to hear about the best Black Friday deals!

Black Friday Lego deals

With Black Friday fast approaching, there's a good chance of some of these sets getting big discounts – we've seen 40-50% in a lot of cases, on some of the bigger licensed brands, too.

The Pirate Roller Coaster and dinosaur sets we've mentioned below get nice discounts quite regularly, and are always great buys.

We think there could be some choice discounts on older Lego Harry Potter sets – the Whomping Willow set feels like a good candidate, but if you see a discount on the Great Hall set, jump on it – it was one of the best sets of last year, and fits with the newer Hogwarts sets coming out.

The Lego Technic line-up is in the middle of a pretty big refresh, which means there could be some really juicy deals on a bunch of older stuff that's getting retired – keep a close eye here for that! We'd expect the slightly less expensive models to be the main ones featured there.

We're certain there'll be lots of Lego Star Wars sets on offer this Black Friday – older sets in particular. Recent sales have seen some of the older small playsets go on offer, as well as things like the Solo Millenium Falcon.

We'll put every great deal we find over Black Friday right here, though!

Best Lego deals: some of our favourites

The James Bond Aston Martin makes an amazing gift for a big Lego, car or movie fan, while for kids we really love the Pirate Roller Coaster. The Mighty Dinosaurs are ideal as a little birthday gift.

Best Lego Harry Potter deals

With more new Lego Harry Potter sets coming this year, keep your eye out for great prices on what's out already.

Best Lego Technic deals

For someone who loves machinery and a big project, the huge Lego Technic sets make fantastic gifts. Smaller Technic sets are great for kids to get their head around engineering, too.

Best Lego Star Wars deals

It's the 20th anniversary of Lego Star Wars, and with the latest trilogy arriving this Christmas, 2019 is going to be big for these sets.