One in 40 UK adults receive Amazon Kindle for Christmas

Amazon eReader tops festive sales charts

Amazon's fourth generation Kindle eReader cleaned up in the Christmas eReader competition, doubling its sales from last year

The latest in Amazon's line of Kindle eReaders accounted for some 92% of the 1.3 million eReaders shifted over the festive season, according to estimates by market research firm YouGov. By their estimates, one in forty UK adults were gifted a Kindle, or cheekily picked one up for themselves in the post-Christmas sales.

"This is finally the year when the late-medieval technology of the printing press was challenged by a 21st Century, digital alternative." Said YouGov's Head of Technology and Telecoms consulting Marek Vaygelt. "Amazon has done a remarkable job of selling the benefits of e-readers and the upside for the publishing industry is that it appears e-reader owners, at least in the early days, buy more e-books than the printed books they purchased before acquiring an e-reader."

Its Christmas sales figures put Amazon's Kindle streets ahead of competition from the likes of WH Smith and its Kobo eReader, and even ahead of Apple's iPad, which by comparison sold just under a half million over the Christmas period. With UK adults tripping over each other to snap up Amazon's Kindle, we're taking this as a good portent for the launch of Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet, set to launch later this year. Does Amazon have the clout to topple Apple in the tablet game? Your thoughts in the comments below.