Twitter co-founder says Facebook should offer paid ad-free version

Biz Stone suggests the social network should charge users to see no ads

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone suggests Facebook should offer a premium service where users pay to receive no ads

In a blog post on Medium, Biz Stone has offered an idea to Facebook to make money out of offering a premium service to the social networking site.

The idea is that users can pay $10 a month for which will get rid of adverts.

Stone admitted he had taken a break from Facebook after it "added thousands of settings, features, and choices."

Upon returning to the social networking site Stone suggests, "for $10 a month, people who really love Facebook (and can afford it), could see no ads. Maybe some special features too."

Reportedly this works out that if around 10% of Facebook users signed up for the premium service, revenue could total an astonishing $1bn a month.

Stone compared Facebook to Investor Relations company Pandora, who statistically boast a 114% growth rate year-over-year in subscription revenue from users paying to go ad-free.

Earlier this year, Facebook rolled out a charge for users to allow them to message celebrities or anyone ouside of their friend list.

The prices to contact people range depending on the number of followers they have.

Users could use their credit cards in order to pay for these messages but this option is limited to anyone over 18.

Source: Medium