Augmented reality camera

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Augmented reality contact lenses open the possibility of not only altering what you see, but also of recording it. Nanotechnology could lead to microcircuitry and image sensors small enough to be invisibly printed onto contact lenses, turning you into a human image-capture device.

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Virtual tour guide

Gone are the days When you need to carry A paperback Lonely Planet guide in your manbag. With Augmented reality lenses you can have local places of interest flagged up in front of you, as well as directions to the best cup of coffee in the area. At major destinations such as the Roman Coliseum, video overlaid onto the scene will act as the ultimate tour guide. You'll be able to see gladiators fight it out as a virtual emperor gives the thumbs down And David Starkey tells you the cultural significance of that green shirt the Roman to your left is wearing. Audio will be delivered Through your earpiece.

Human camera

You're on your holidays and you've found a landmark you want to immortalise. Select the camera on your smartphone… then slip it into your pocket; you won't be needing it. Wearing two motion sensing rings create the size and shape of your planned photograph with your fingers and simply flick a finger to capture what you see through the gap between your hands. Nano cameras in the lenses capture the shot and you can then either view the image on your Phone or – by “pressing” a camera icon with a motion ring-wearing finger – View it in the air in front of you, perhaps comparing it to the real landmark in the distance. Photography has never been so accurate, simple and accessible…

Human camcorder

As well as taking virtual Snaps through gesture Recognition, you'll also be able to record video. The system will be recording continuously and you'll be able to set a “buffer” of up to ten minutes before this footage is deleted. That means that even if you're slow to start recording, You'll never miss a thing. videos and photos could also be streamed to your social networking page. As well as leisure activities, this tech also has clear applications in law-enforcement – cops would be able to use “eye-witness” video in court – to the televising of sport, with individual “player cams” available to view during the course of a match.