Best 4K TV deals 2019: cheap 4K UHD televisions to tempt you

Want the best deal on a 4K HDR TV, whether LED, OLED or QLED? You've come to the right place…

The best cheap 4K TV deals

With Amazon Prime Day bearing down on us, If you're looking for a cheap TV or the best TV deal you can get for your budget, you've come to the right place. We're scouring the internet, looking for the best cheap 4K TV deals from all of the biggest and most reliable brands and retailers, and will be zeroing in on Amazon Prime Day on July 15 and the week around it. 

Prime Day always sees a whole load of TV deals, and we're expecting this year to be no different. So if you're looking to upgrade – perhaps to a 4K HDR TV or a beautifully bright OLED panel, this could be the time.

Below, you'll find our top recommendation for the best TV deal of the week as well as four other recommendations at various sizes and price points from big screen TVs to smaller screens for the kitchen and so on.

T3's top TV deals right now


This LG C8 is at a huge discount compared to its launch price and the cost of its successor the C9

One obvious place to start when shopping for a new TV at a great price is to shop for… an old TV. 2019 TV models from the big brands are still quite few in number and there seem to be plentiful stocks of the 2018 ones left. 

To give a good example of the kind of savings you can make, 2018's LG OLED C8 is currently under £2000 in both its 55- and 65-inch models. That compares rather favourably to a 2019 OLED C9, which will set you back well over £2,000 for the 55-inch and well over £3,000 for the bigger model.

Of course, LG has made all sorts of improvements to the C9 but the C8 remains a fantastic TV.

Sony TV deals

Best TV deals

Similarly the 65-inch Sony AF8, which is a T3 Award winning TV that is really not much worse than this year's AF9 can often be had for under £2000 if you shop around.

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Samsung TV deals

Best TV deals

Samsung seems to have done a better job of getting its 2018 televisions out of retail, making room for its 2019 QLED TVs, such as the T3 Award winning Q90R. However, we did find last year's 55-inch Q9 going for a 'Quite' reasonable £1,600 at Amazon Marketplace.

The other big OLED 4K deals

There are no 2019 TVs available from Panasonic or Philips yet but again, we expect the new ones to be somewhat more expensive than 2018's models. Hot tip: Philips practically always discounts one of its flagship TVs for Amazon Prime Day (and other sales periods such as Black Friday). We'll keep an eye out for that, for you…