Best TV deals for Black Friday 2018: cheap 4K televisions including last year's flagship TVs at big discounts

Want the best deal on a 4K HDR TV, whether LED, OLED or QLED? You've come to the right place…

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If you're looking for a cheap TV or the best TV deal you can get for your budget, you've come to the right place. We scour the internet fortnightly, looking for the best cheap 4K TV deals from all of the biggest and most reliable brands and retailers. 

Black Friday always sees a whole load of TV deals, and we're expecting this year to be no different. So if you're looking to upgrade – perhaps to a 4K HDR TV or a beautifully bright OLED panel, this year's Black Friday deals should provide you with some great options at tasty prices.

Underneath, you'll find our top recommendation for the best TV deal of the week as well as four other recommendations at various sizes and price points from big screen TVs to smaller screens for the kitchen and so on.

T3's top TV deal right now


(Image: © Samsung)

1. Samsung QE49Q6FNATXXU 49-inch QLED 4K HDR TV | Now £899 | Was £1,299 | Save £400

Samsung's latest QLED technology makes for one of the best quality pictures on any TV right now, including the mighty OLED. Now the price has dropped to make it even more affordable. This 2018 QLED TV packs in 4K UHD and HDR along with super bright pictures and a very useful smart TV system for streaming even in 4K and HDR.View Deal

7 more of the best TV deals of the week:


(Image: © LG)

2. LG OLED 55B8PLA 55-inch 4K and HDR TV | Now £1,499 | Was £1,799 | Save £300

Get an OLED TV from LG for £1,499. Need we say more? Oh you do want more. Ok. OLED rules for deep blacks, rich colours and insane refresh rates. On top of that you get LG's winning webOS smart TV platform for 4K and HDR streaming on Netflix, BBC iPlayer and more. Plus this is super thin and gorgeous. Need we say more, now?View Deal

Sony Bravia KD55XF7596BU

(Image: © Sony)

3. Sony Bravia KD55XF7596BU 55-inch 4K HDR TV | Now £699 | Was £849 | Save £150

Sony Bravia tech in a 55-inch beast of a screen complete with 4K and HDR was always going to be good but then at that sub £700 price it's all the sweater. Enjoy crystal clear picture quality thanks to 4K X-Reality Pro processing, Android OS with Google Assistant, MotionFlow XR smooth images and that minimal bezel for a great look too.View Deal

Hisense H50A6200UK

(Image: © Hisense)

4. Hisense H50A6200UK 50-inch 4K HDR TV | Now £349 | Was £479 | Save £130

Hisense is all about offering top quality specs for a lower price. In this case you can nab a whopping 50-inch 4K and HDR smart TV for under £400. You also get smart app support for the likes of BBC iPlayer, Netflix and more plus Freeview Play and enhanced sound so you shouldn't even need a soundbar.View Deal

LG 49SK8000PLB

(Image: © LG)

5. LG 49SK8000PLB 49-inch Super UHD 4K HDR TV | Now £599 | Was £1,999 | Save £600

This LG slither of beautiful screen glory gives you all the latest features to help melt your eyes, without destroying your wallet in the process. That means you get a brilliant LED screen with 4K UHD resolution plus HDR quality to take advantage of all the high-res content Netflix and the BBC iPlayer have to offer.View Deal


(Image: © LG)

6. LG OLED65B8PLA 65-inch OLED 4K HDR TV | Now £2299 | Was £2499 | Save £200

This is one of the best picture quality screens out there right now and it comes in a larger 65-inch size so you can enjoy every pixel of that 4K resolution and HDR quality. The LG remote and webOS smart platform are worth a shout out as they're super simple to use making TV viewing a pleasure from start to finish.View Deal


(Image: © Samsung)

7. Samsung UE49NU7670 49-inch Curved 4K HDR LED TV | Now £599 | Was £749 | Save £150

If you like the idea of a premium 4K and HDR TV with a special, immersive curve to it, then Samsung is the specialist for you. In this case you not only get what you want in a decent most-lounge-friendly 49-inch size but also at a respectable saving. View Deal

Samsung UE40NU7120

(Image: © Samsung)

8. Samsung UE40NU7120 40-inch 4K HDR LED TV | Now £365 | Was £530 | Save £165

If a giant TV isn't what your home needs then this 40-inch option could be ideal. You still get all the latest image refinements like 4K and HDR picture quality, only on a smaller scale. The included stand makes setup easy and smart apps mean you can watch TV over your Wi-Fi connection from anywhere this is placed in your home.View Deal