Best cordless lawn mower 2020: these battery-powered lawnmowers are convenient and ready to roll

Replace your tired old push-along with one of the best no-fuss cordless lawn mowers in town. For you, lawn, the turf war is over

Best cordless lawn mower

Summer is here, the grass is in full swing and you need the best cordless lawnmower to cut it with. You can't head down to your nearest garden centre – although both Wickes and the hated B&Q are offering click and collect from the car park – but anyway, it makes more sense to buy the best lawn mower online, where prices are usually better.

A new mower is one of the first spring/summer purchases on many a gardener's mind, because cutting the grass is a real pain if you’re heaving around a tired old push-along, or corded electric mower. By contrast, it's really rather fun when you're equipped with one of the best cordless lawn mowers money can buy.

Here, we're talking specifically battery-powered lawnmowers. Throughout the summer your grass gets used more than during the rest of the year so it’s important to look after it, and these types of mowers can help you do so with ease. They're especially good for small to medium sized lawns but that doesn't mean those with larger acreages should turn their noses up.

Why a cordless lawn mower is usually the best lawn mower

For most lawnsmen (lawnspersons?), we'd now recommend a cordless mower such as the ones listed here. 

That's because there are few less compatible duos than a 240-volt electric cable and a fast-spinning blade, and with UK garden sizes ever shrinking, petrol mowers are just totally OTT for most people, especially in cities. 

Standard electric lawnmowers are not only potentially dangerous but they take much, much longer to cut a lawn simply because of the time spent grappling with the cable. Most modern battery-powered cordless mowers, on the other hand, are as powerful as their wired counterparts, but much less hassle to use. In fact, we estimate that the whole cordless mowing process from getting it out of the shed to finishing the job is almost twice as fast as when using a corded model.

However, some cordless models may struggle in extra long grass so best avoid tackling any untamed pastures (we’re talking really long grass here, the sort that has never seen a lawnmower). 

If cutting grass that's about six inches long, fear not if your cordless model cuts it unevenly, leaving chunks of flattened grass in its wake. This is normal for any mower doing its first-of-the season cut. The secret is to set the cutting deck to the highest setting and running over the lawn again in the opposite direction. Better still, leave it after the first cut and return a day or so later for its second cut. Then gradually lower the cutting deck for subsequent sessions until it looks like a golf course fairway.

Cordless mowers' lithium-Ion batteries are relatively quick to charge and provide between 25 and 60 minutes of hassle-free mowing, which is plenty long enough for the average UK garden.

What is the best battery-powered lawnmower?

We believe in making chores as easy as possible, so we strongly recommend cordless, electric lawnmowers for most garden owners. 

Our new current top pick for small urban lawns is the keenly-priced Kärcher LMO 18-33, hotly followed by our former number one contender, the Cobra MX3440V. The admittedly pricy Gtech 2.0 continues to hold the three spot for excellent motor management, low weight and exceptional cutting skills.

However, there are plenty of other great choices for you to browse through below. 

The best cordless lawnmowers, in order

Best cordless lawn mower 2020: Kärcher LMO 18-33

(Image credit: Kärcher)

1. Kärcher LMO 18-33

The best cordless mower for small lawns

Power: 18v
Deck size: 33cm
Cutting height: 35-65mm
Grass collector: 35L
Weight: 11.3kgs
Average run time: 25 mins
Reasons to buy
+Well designed+Great handlebar+Powerful motor+Cuts exceptionally well+It mulches
Reasons to avoid
-Yellow might not be to everyone's taste

•Buy the Kärcher LMO 18-33 from John Lewis & Partners

We’ve found that the majority of the mowers we test cut grass exceptionally well, which is ultimately what they were designed for. Yes, some are a bit better at doing the edges while others are easier to manoeuvre. But in the main, we’ve found that the biggest differences – and why one mower in the same price band is ultimately better than another – lie in the construction and design of the handlebar interface, the cutting height mechanism, the power of the motor, the battery system, the mower’s weight and its asking price.

In our opinion, this new Kärcher – a first for the German company best known for pressure washers – meets all the above criteria. For starters, it looks pretty cute in all that bright yellow livery – you certainly won’t lose it – but, more importantly, it’s also very well assembled for a cordless model at this low price band.

Although the handlebar system adopts the standard budget-priced wing-nut system for tightening, it’s a much more sturdy set up than others on the market and also height adjustable to some degree. The whole handlebar system can either be folded over for storage or, for an even more compact package, removed entirely. We also loved the feel of the spongy handle and power levers. The four-level cutting height lever, meanwhile, is of the cheaper variety, but it works perfectly well.

The 18v battery is another cool facet because its edges are coated in a rubbery texture that should theoretically prevent the plastic housing from cracking if dropped from a low height (it happens, dude). This writer got about 25 minutes of use out of it, though it did take about 90 minutes to charge.

The Kärcher’s 33cm cutting deck, 35-litre grass catcher and descent cutting height range make the mower suitable for any small-to-medium sized lawn. What’s more it also comes with a mulching plug for those who want to feed nitrogen-rich cuttings back into the lawn. This writer was very impressed with how well this little Kärcher cut, and right to the edge, no less. Granted, the powerful 4,000rpm motor is louder than the norm, but it never bogged down even in longer grass.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and efficient lawn surfer that doesn’t cost the earth, then consider putting this one near the top of your list. It’s a right little cracker.

Best cordless lawn mower 2020: Cobra MX3440V

2. Cobra MX3440V

Excellent budget-priced cordless mower for urban lawns

Power: 40v
Deck size: 34cm
Cutting height: 25-75mm
Grass collector: 35L
Weight: 14.5
Average run time: 40 mins
Reasons to buy
+Easy to manoeuvre+Effective cutting+Quiet motor
Reasons to avoid
-Not one for bigger lawns

•Buy the Cobra MX3440V from The Green Reaper

Designed in the UK, the Cobra is equipped with a small 34cm cutting deck and a 35-litre fabric grass collector, making it the perfect little mower for an average sized urban sward. Being so small and made almost entirely of plastic, it’s light enough to carry and a doddle to store. It’s also commendably quiet.

Despite using a brushed motor instead of a more expensive brushless one, this titchy mower really impressed us with its cutting efficiency, even in relatively long damp grass. We estimate about 40 minutes of use on a single one-hour charge of its Samsung battery – enough power to cover at least three separate sessions on a small 10m x 8m lawn.

The Cobra also sports five cutting heights (25mm to 75mm), a simple height adjustment lever that raises and lowers the entire body and, for the price, a good collapsible handlebar system that incorporates quick-release clips instead of screw threads.

At a shade under £190 for the mower, battery and charger, this is a great value model that’s efficient, light and compact for easy storage.

Best cordless lawn mower 2020: Gtech Cordless Lawnmower 2.0

3. Gtech Cordless Lawnmower 2.0

A top lightweight mower with excellent features

Power: 48v
Deck size: 42cm
Cutting height: 30-80mm
Grass collector: 50L
Weight: 13.5kgs
Average run time: 40 mins
Reasons to buy
+Cuts brilliantly well+Amazingly light+Variable speed motor+Excellent battery
Reasons to avoid
-Handlebar height non adjustable-Quite pricey

•Buy the Gtech 2.0 directly from Gtech

For a mower with a moderately large 42cm cutting deck, this is one of the lightest we’ve ever tested – so light you might think they’d forgotten to put a motor in it. 

Unlike most lawn mowers, the Gtech 2.0 adopts a different type of blade. In fact it’s half a blade with a counterweight on the other end. Made from carbon steel, the blade is said to be just as efficient while requiring less energy. All we know is that it cut our test lawn supremely well, and right to the edge of the border. Rather bizarrely, it also produced a completely different texture of cuttings that were much finer than most other mowers.

The motor’s worth a mention too, since it features automatic variable speed: in short to medium grass the blade rotates at a steady pace with little noise, but as soon as it feels the resistance of longer grass, it speeds up dramatically, cutting the offending fronds with effortless aplomb. Where the previous model’s not very good battery took five hours to charge, this one takes just 60 minutes for about 40 minutes of running time.

Noise level is another major consideration when purchasing any lawn mower. Where the original Gtech Falcon mower made quite a din, this one emits a low, unobtrusive growl that sounds quite different to other models. We suspect it’s the result of the half-blade assembly because the mower's handlebar vibrates a bit more than others, though not enough to spoil the party.

Instead of a telescopic handlebar system, this one folds twice and uses quick-release latches. The only real downside is that it can’t be adjusted for height and, as it stands, it feels almost too tall for this 5’6” lawnsmith.

Other welcome features include a fixed battery key that can’t be lost, a battery power indicator that is visible at all times and a large 50 litre grass collector that clips on and off with consummate ease.

If you have a small-to medium sized lawn and money isn't an issue, then slap your readies down on this one because it’s one of the lightest and most efficient cordless mowers we’ve ever tested.

best cordless lawn mower 2020: Bosch CityMower 18-300

(Image credit: Bosch)

4. Bosch CityMower 18-300

A great little lightweight cordless mower for small lawns

Power: 18v
Deck size: 34cm
Cutting height: 30-60mm
Grass collector: 31L
Weight: 9.9kgs
Average run time: 25 mins
Reasons to buy
+Bosch build quality+Motor management+Hot swappable battery
Reasons to avoid
-Styling on the bland side

•Buy the Bosch CityMower from Cool Shop

The new Bosch CityMower weighs just 9.9kg so it’s really easy to push around and carry between lawny sections. Crucially, it comes fitted with Bosch’s comfy Ergoflex handlebar system that is perfect for both righties and lefties.

For those with a typical urban lawn (think your average London abode), this thing passes much muster. Its height adjustable 34cm cutting deck and 31-litre grass collector are of optimum size for a 300 square metre lawn and, because it's fitted with extended grass combs, it also cuts right to edge of the lawn. And that means less strimming.

The CityMower has also got a clever processor on board that ensures the blades maintain a constant speed through any length of grass, thereby allegedly increasing the 18v battery’s capacity by up to 20%. Even with that boost, the mower will run for about 25 minutes on a hour-one charge, which is about average for a mower of this dimension. 

The CityMower comes with a battery but if you already own a set of Bosch power tools that use the 18v system then opt for the ‘solo’ model and use one of your now batteries instead.

This little compact mower cuts exceptionally well and is light enough for even the weakest knee’d lawnsmith to push around and carry. And being a Bosch, you can be sure it’ll go on running for many summers.

Best cordless lawn mower 2020: Greenworks GD60LM46SP

5. Greenworks GD60LM46SP

The best self-propelled cordless mower for large gardens

Power: 60v
Deck size: 46cm
Cutting height: 25-80mm
Grass collector: 55L
Weight: 28kgs
Average run time: 80 mins
Reasons to buy
+Vari-speed self propulsion+Metal cutting deck+Wide handlebar adjustment+Top build quality+Great value
Reasons to avoid
-Too large for small lawns-Very heavy

•Buy the self-propelled Greenworks GD60LM46SP from Amazon

Here’s a model that screams ‘buy me’, and for more reasons than just the way it looks, which is frankly fantastic. Aside from boasting a durable long-life 46cm steel cutting deck that’s a perfect size for up to half an acre and possibly more, this exceedingly powerful 60v model is also equipped with variable-speed self propulsion, a long-life brushless motor, a mulching plug and side chute and a large 55-litre fabric grass collector. It doesn’t come with a battery or charger so bear that in mind when ordering.

The Greenworks’ self propulsion speed is adjusted using a rocker throttle with two little icons on either side – a snail for a slow, comfortable walking pace and a hare for what can only be described as a brisk march. In our test, it cut a swathe of lawn with effortless precision, never once bogging down, even when it hit a stretch of really tall grass.

Its seven cutting heights (25mm to 80mm) are effortless to adjust using a large lever on the right and its two-way folding handlebar system is superbly designed and capable of being used at three different height positions, including one low enough for someone under five feet tall. The whopping 60v battery provides between 60 and 80 minutes of cutting time on the slowest self-propulsion setting.

Despite its size and weight (28kgs), the Greenworks GD60LM46SP is surprisingly easy to store without taking up too much space – simply fold up the handlebar assembly and store it in an upright position.

If you have a lawn in excess of 300 square metres and positively loathe mowing it, then this cool-looking lawn barber could be just the ticket to get you off your butt and onto the turf.

Best cordless lawn mower 2020: Ego LM1701E-SP

(Image credit: Ego)

6. Ego LM1701E-SP

Another excellent self-propelled model for larger gardens

Power: 56v
Deck size: 42cm
Cutting height: 25-95mm
Grass collector: 55L
Weight: 27kgs
Average run time: 15 - 50 mins
Reasons to buy
+Self propulsion+Excellent performance+Superb construction+Lovely handlebar system
Reasons to avoid
-Heavy-Supplied battery runs out quickly

•Buy the Ego LM1701E-SP from Mowers Online

At 27 kgs, the new Ego is a weighty beast but then it does come equipped with a gargantuan 56-volt Li-Ion battery that looks like a power-up from Halo.

Unfortunately, the supplied 2.5Ah battery only provides about 15 minutes of cutting time which isn’t long enough for the size of lawn the mower’s designed for. We would recommend forking out on the optional 5Ah battery which runs for a much more useful 35 mins or, for even greater range, the 7.5Ah version which powers the mower for a substantial 50 minutes on a single charge.

Like the larger Greenworks reviewed above, this mower also features vari-speed self propulsion, so if you have a medium-to-large lawn but can't be arsed with pushing, then this is the model for you. And if you prefer to mow during the dark (no we haven’t met anyone who does that either) then this model is fitted with LED headlights, presumably so you can avoid decapitating moles or gophers.

The Ego’s wide 42cm blade scythed through everything with confidence and we loved the vari-speed self propulsion which can easily be set from a really slow walking pace to a spritely spring in the step. The huge 55-litre grass collector, meanwhile, ensures fewer trips to the compost heap. 

The Ego features a superb telescopic handlebar system that can be adjusted to three heights. It also folds up into a surprisingly small and tidy package for upright storage.

If you’re in the market for a well engineered medium-sized mower that has the power to deal with even the longest and wettest grass then this one does the job remarkably well. However, we would advise adding an extra 5aH or 7.5aH battery to your shopping basket because the low capacity one sold with it won’t take you very far.

Best cordless lawn mower: Ryobi RLM18X41H240

7. Ryobi RLM18X41H240

A well designed twin-battery cordless mower for medium sized swards

Power: 36v
Deck size: 40cm
Cutting height: 20-70mm
Grass collector: 50L
Weight: 19.9kgs
Average run time: 45 mins
Reasons to buy
+Excellent build quality+Brilliant handlebar system+Uses two batteries for longer mowing+Cuts to the edge
Reasons to avoid
-Tricky grass collector mounting-Pretty weighty

This exceedingly well built but heavy mower really impressed us with its cutting proficiency. Despite the weight, it was pretty easy to push and it left a very neatly manicured lawn in its wake. Its EasyEdge grass comb worked well, too, cutting right to the edge of the borders without leaving too many stragglers for the strimmer to tackle. Its 40cm cutting deck also has one of the slickest height adjustment levers in the business (five positions from a low 20mm to 70mm). 

The Ryobi’s large 50L plastic-topped mesh grass collector is set at a higher angle than other models but we never experienced any cases of cuttings falling back towards the exit chute when full. However, we did have a spot of bother engaging the collector's two hooks when mounting it to the main body. It might just be our test model, but the hooks don't align perfectly with the attachment rod.

Where so many mowers are let down by cheap, wobbly handlebars, this one has one of the best designed systems on the market. Constructed from rigid aluminium, the chunky telescopic bars are easily clipped in place and can be positioned at two different heights. The handlebar grip is exceedingly comfy, too, and we love the light feel of the two on/off power switches which required absolutely no effort to hold in while mowing.

In terms of power, this model uses two 18v One+ batteries (included) at a time to produce an overall output of 36v – enough juice for around 500 square metres of mowing. A mulching plug is included for those who like to mulch.

One or two minor niggles aside, this is a cracking mower that cuts really well, is solidly built and easy to use.

Best cordless lawn mower 202: Stihl RMA 235

8. Stihl RMA 235

Another great mower for small lawns

Power: 36v
Deck size: 33cm
Cutting height: 25-65mm
Grass collector: 30L
Weight: 14kgs
Average run time: 40 mins
Reasons to buy
+Clever motor management system +Long battery life +Ultra quiet+Very light
Reasons to avoid
-Not the lowest cutting height in the shed-Very fiddly grass collector mount-Poor handlebar

This lightweight mower from Stihl is a great choice for small urban lawns up to around 60m2. Aside from cutting the grass very well, what really stands out is the way its brushless motor operates.

Like the Gtech reviewed above, instead of running at full tilt all the time, this mower features a permanent Eco mode that adjusts the speed of the blade depending on the length of grass. Hence, when tackling long stuff, it ramps up to full speed and when it senses little resistance against the blades it backs off to a gentle hum. A system like this not only saves a lot of battery energy, but it also helps keep noise to a minimum. And believe me, this little fella is so hushed you could probably mow the lawn on a Sunday at 6am and the neighbours would never know.

The Stihl is equipped with a small 33cm cutting deck and a 30-litre plastic grass collector that can be unfolded to make emptying easier. However, attaching the collector can be a right pain and the jury’s out on the cheap handle assembly, especially the two little screw bolts that hold it together. 

Granted, its easily adjustable cutting height range of 25-65mm isn’t the best in the pack but it’s perfectly ample for the majority of UK grasses. However, its lowest blade height won’t be close enough for a bowling green-style ornamental lawn, so bear that in mind. It also doesn’t come with a battery and charger as standard so expect to dish out about another £120, unless you already happen to own another Stihl product that uses a 36v AK20 battery. 

Best cordless lawn mower 2020: FlyMo Mighti Mo 300Li

9. FlyMo Mighti Mo 300Li

Great mower for bijou gardens

Power: 40v
Deck size: 30cm
Cutting height: 25-65mm
Grass collector: 30L
Weight: 9.94kgs
Average run time: 25 mins
Reasons to buy
+Great for small lawns+Compact and light+Easy on the ear
Reasons to avoid
-Rather a narrow cut-Small grass collector 

This cordless Flymo has the narrowest cutting deck on this page (30cm) so definitely consider it if, like most townies, you have a titchy lawn. You shouldn’t have any problems storing it either since it’s not only the smallest folding mower we’ve come across but, at 9.9kgs, it’s the lightest, too. It even comes with a handle for easy lifting.

I shoved the convenient height-adjuster down a notch or two and gave the mower a spin in some three-inch grass. The little fella trundled straight through it, snipping here, snipping there without breaking into a sweat and doing a rather good job, despite leaving a few wheel marks in its wake. It also cut pretty close to the edge and was one of only a small handful of mowers quiet enough to not scare the neighbour’s rabbits.

The Mighti Mo’s 40-volt Li-Ion battery packs a powerful punch and will trim around 250m2 of lawn on a single two-hour charge. However, the plastic grass collector is relatively small (30 litres) so expect semi-regular trips to the compost heap.

Best cordless lawn mower 2020: Mountfield Princess 34Li Freedom48

(Image credit: Mountfield)

10. Mountfield Princess 34Li Freedom48

Best lawnmower for striping up small to medium lawns

Power: 48v
Deck size: 34cm
Cutting height: 25-75mm
Grass collector: 35L
Weight: 12kgs
Average run time: 40 mins
Reasons to buy
+Good roller for stripes+Mulching system returns cuttings to the lawn
Reasons to avoid
-Flimsy height adjustment lever

• Buy the Mountfield Princess 34Li Freedom48 from John Lewis & Partners

The Mountfield comes with a 48v Lithium Ion battery, providing enough charge to cover about 250 metres square or around 40 minutes of continuous mowing.

Equipped with a 500 watt brushless motor, the Princess produces a 34cm cut – good for small-to-medium lawns – and features a rear roller for creating stripes, a generous 35-litre grass collector, a mulching plug that directs nitrogen-rich grass cuttings back into the lawn and a push handle that can be adjusted for various heights. Rather usefully, the handle also folds in two making the whole package one of the smallest stowaway units in this roundup.

Needless to say, the Mountfield cut the test lawn exceedingly well and even handled the longer jungle sections without much fuss. It was also very quiet. Mind you, the flimsy six-position cut-height adjuster lever seems out of place on such a well-crafted unit.