Best smart speakers 2019: get the best Amazon Echo, or best Google Home for you

Whether you're looking for the best Amazon Echo speakers, or best Google Home, these are our top pick music streaming, phone call-making AI assistants

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Welcome to T3's best smart speaker buying guide. Here we've expertly curated a guide to the very best smart speakers for the home currently available. As such, if you're looking for the best Amazon Echo, best Google Home, or best Sonos smart speakers currently going then you have definitely come to the right place.

Since the Amazon Echo launched the smart speaker has become one of the indispensable gadgets of the smart home: affordable, intelligent, easy to use, and not a complete eyesore.

There will be more smart speakers to choose from than ever in 2019, and they're likely to be in among the new year sales, too.

Our guide is here to help make choosing the perfect smart speaker for you that bit easier – we've tested out just about every product on the market and will talk you through the options you've got. So, without further delay, here are our picks for the best smart speakers you can buy right now, and why you'd want to have them.

How to choose the best smart speaker for you

The good news when it comes to choosing a smart speaker is that you've got a lot of models to pick from. Your primary considerations are probably going to be the speaker design – how well it fits in with your home decor – and the digital assistant that comes built into the device.

If you're already firm friends with Google Assistant from your Android smartphone, for example, it might make sense to stick with a Google speaker. Likewise Siri and the HomePod, Alexa and the Amazon Echo, and so on.

Make sure your speaker can do everything you need it to (like control your smart lights and work with the apps you use every day). Beyond that, you will of course want to look at the price of each device to help with your decision, and it's worth having a check to see what accessories are available for each speaker too.

Amazon Echo Plus Best smart speakers Best Amazon Echo speakers Best Google Home

The Amazon Echo Plus is  a  stylish, powerful smart speaker and AI assistant.

1. Amazon Echo Plus

The most powerful Echo on the market, and arguably the best smart speaker for tech enthusiasts

Reasons to buy
+The top-of-the-range Echo+Seamless smart home integration

The full-fat, top-of-the-line Amazon Echo with all the bells and whistles is the Plus – essentially, you get better-sounding audio and tighter integration with other smart home kit for another £50/$50. Is the extra price worth paying? For most of you, probably not.

That said, if you want the ultimate Alexa-equipped device and have the budget to match, this is the one to go for (and Amazon offers some excellent bundle options on its site). The 2nd-gen model has improved hugely on the looks of the Amazon Echo Plus as well.

Sonos One Best smart speakers Best Amazon Echo speakers Best Google Home

For music streaming, the Sonos One is the best smart speaker on the market.

2. Sonos One

A winner for music streaming, this is the best Sonos for Alexa-wanting audiophiles

Reasons to buy
+Top-quality audio+Intuitive, powerful apps

Sonos have been making top-quality wireless speakers for years, capable of streaming tunes from multiple online services and local media libraries all around the home. With the Sonos One, they've started adding some AI to the mix – specifically, Amazon Alexa.

You get the usual Sonos quality plus the ability to use your voice to change songs (and check the weather and so on). It's an appealing combination, and Sonos says Alexa (and hopefully Google Assistant and Siri) will be on a lot more of its speakers in the future.

Amazon Echo Spot Best smart speakers Best Amazon Echo speakers Best Google Home

The T3 award-winning Amazon Echo Spot is the best Amazon Echo for compact form with video.

3. Amazon Echo Spot

The best Amazon Echo for compact form with video

Reasons to buy
+Dinky little video screen+Fits in any room

We're big fans of the Amazon Echo Spot, which takes the considerable smarts of Alexa and adds a dinky little screen. That small display is more useful than you might think in terms of what you can do with it: watching videos, putting up an alarm clock display, and more.

The Echo Spot looks good in any room in your house, which means it can be used as a timer in the kitchen or a video caller in the study. We would put it higher in the list but the display makes it significantly more expensive than alternatives such as the Echo Dot.

Apple HomePod Best smart speakers Best Amazon Echo speakers Best Google Home

The Apple HomePod is the best smart speaker for iPhone users.

4. Apple HomePod

The best smart speaker for Apple fans

Reasons to buy
+Superb design and build+Works well for Apple fans

Here's the Apple HomePod, which has a lot going for it: very impressive sound quality, for instance, which can adapt to the room its in to make sure your ears are always hearing your tunes at their best. It also looks and feels fantastic, a proper premium bit of kit.

On the downside, you're going to be disappointed if you need to go beyond Apple Music, Siri and the iPhone with your HomePod: support for the likes of Spotify or streaming from a Windows laptop or anything else not made by Apple is pretty much non-existent.

Amazon Echo Dot Best smart speakers Best Amazon Echo speakers Best Google Home

The Amazon Echo Dot may look understated, but it is one of very best Amazon Echo speakers available today.

5. Amazon Echo Dot

The cuter-looking Echo competes strongly with the best smart speakers on the market

Reasons to buy
+Compact, cute, capable+Recently updated

All the smarts of Alexa and all the compactness of a Google Home Mini make the Echo Dot a very appealing option – especially considering its latest refresh, which gave it a more curved appearance and added some attractive-looking fabric finishes to the Echo Dot mix.

If you're just getting started with smart speakers then the Echo Dot is an excellent entry point, and unlike the Google Home Mini you can hook up a different speaker with the 3.5mm audio jack or via Bluetooth. At this price you might as well get one for every room.

Amazon Echo Best smart speakers Best Amazon Echo speakers Best Google Home

The Amazon Echo is not just one of the best Amazon Echo devices on the market, but one of the best smart speakers full stop.

6. Amazon Echo

The original and best smart speaker, improved

Reasons to buy
+Where it all started+Better looks, improving Alexa

The second-generation Amazon Echo builds on what made the original so great, and puts it in a more aesthetically appealing form factor – with a choice of finishes, so you can get one to suit your own style. It's a winning formula, and it puts the Echo top of our list.

Alexa has been around for four years now and continues to get friendlier, cleverer, and generally better with each passing month. The audio output isn't top-notch, but it's still fine, and we're big fans of the price (almost a quarter of the price of a  HomePod).

Google Home Mini Best smart speakers Best Amazon Echo speakers Best Google Home

The Google Home Mini is one of the best Google Home speakers going.

7. Google Home Mini

Great assistance in a compact package, the Google Home Mini remains one of the very best smart speakers

Reasons to buy
+The smartest smart assistant+Small form factor that goes anywhere

Amazon Alexa came before Google Assistant, but such is Google's prowess with AI that it's Assistant that is generally considered the smartest of the digital assistants out there – at least in terms of understanding natural language and pulling data from the web at large.

That's enough to get the Google Home Mini up to second in our list: it has an attractive design that fits into just about any room, it has a clean and appealing companion app, and it just works. We would like to have the option to connect it to an external speaker, though.

Google Home Hub Best smart speakers Best Amazon Echo speakers Best Google Home

The Google Home Hub is new, and one of the best Google Home devices of 2019.

8. Google Home Hub

A new arrival gatecrashes the best smart speaker party

Reasons to buy
+Clean and simple interface+Perfect for videos

New to the smart speaker scene – or should that be the smart display scene? – is the Google Home Hub, essentially a Google Home with a tablet attached. It acts as the centre of your smart home operations, controlling other devices and all your Google apps.

So, you can watch YouTube videos, see a slideshow of Google Photos, change the temperature on your Nest thermostat, ask Google a question, and so on and so on. We like the style and feature-set of the Google Home Hub, and there's no camera to worry about.

Google Home Best smart speakers Best Amazon Echo speakers Best Google Home

The Google Home now looks a little dated, but if you can get it cheap, it is still one of the best smart speakers lining store shelves.

9. Google Home

One of the very best smart speakers, but now with a little dated looks

Reasons to buy
+Google Assistant is fantastic+Choice of colour finishes

Google gladly name-checked the Amazon Echo when unveiling its very own smart speaker, and the Google Home does everything you would expect – it has the excellent Google Assistant on board of course, which continues to lead the pack of AI apps for the moment.

The Google Home is a little lower in our listings because we think the Google Home Mini is a better value proposition and this speaker is now getting on for a couple of years old. The software keeps getting regular updates though, and it remains a fantastic smart speaker and one of the best Google Home speakers available.

Amazon Echo Show Best smart speakers Best Amazon Echo speakers Best Google Home

Amazon Echo Show

10. Amazon Echo Show

Alexa gets a display, and the second generation unit looks better than ever

Reasons to buy
+An Echo with a display+Much better 2nd-gen design

The Amazon Echo Show is pretty easy to explain: an Echo with a screen. That means Alexa can show as well as tell you information about your schedule and the upcoming weather forecast, for example. Video calling and movie watching are easy with the Echo Show too.

There's a lot to like about the Amazon Echo Show then, especially the redesigned 2nd-gen model, but there are some small reservations. It's relatively expensive, and support for non-Amazon video services (such as YouTube) remains something of a sore point.

Regardless, though, the Show is one of the absolute  best Amazon Echo devices on the market, and also one of the  best smart speakers money can buy.

Sonos Beam Best smart speakers Best Amazon Echo speakers Best Google Home

The ultra-desirable, ultra-stylish Sonos Beam.

11. Sonos Beam

A fantastic sound bar

Reasons to buy
+Great sound in compact form+Perfect for a home cinema setup

The Sonos Beam is another of the newer Sonos speakers with Alexa built in (and with Google Assistant and AirPlay support coming soon, hopefully) – it's a compact sound bar that can play audio from your television set or from a host of music streaming services.

It's a hugely impressive bit of kit – don't let its 11th position on this list fool you – but in terms of smart speakers it's at the pricier end of the range. Only get this if you have the budget and are going to make full use of all the extra features you get with a Sonos device.

Google Home Max Best smart speakers Best Amazon Echo speakers Best Google Home

Google Home Max

12. Google Home Max

Turn it up to the max, with this beefy smart home speaker

Reasons to buy
+Audio quality sounds great+Wired or wireless connection

Just because the Google Home Max is at the end of our list doesn't mean you should discount it: this is still a list of the best smart home speakers money can buy, and all these models are worth their place. In this case, you're getting some fantastic audio quality.

Top-level audio quality, plus the excellent Google Assistant on board, plus the option of a cabled connection, plus casting abilities – what's not to like? It'll cost you a lot of money, that's the key drawback, and it's probably overkill for most people's smart speaker needs.