Audio Pro G10 review: a smart speaker that oozes style

The Audio Pro G10 sounds superb and has the Google Assistant built-in

Audio Pro G10 review
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If you want a Google Assistant smart speaker to control your multi-room system by voice, it’s worth considering the Audio Pro G10. With elegant, contemporary styling, this is a speaker that won’t look out of place in any modern home.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Works with tons of apps and devices

  • +

    Great sound

  • +

    Plenty of ways to connect

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Buttons are hard to see

  • -

    There’s no battery option

  • -

    The equaliser settings aren’t very advanced

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From this Audio Pro G10 review, I expected big things. When it comes to sound, you would expect a company called ‘Audio Pro’ to know their stuff. I’ve been impressed by their offerings in the past so was looking forwards to giving their first Google Assistant speaker a go. The result? This is one of the best smart speakers you can buy. 

Previously, they’ve only used Amazon Alexa so it’s interesting to see the switch. Reliable and user friendly, I'm a big fan of the Google ecosystem so the rising trend of Chromecast speakers comes as no surprise. As well as Chromecast, the Audio Pro G10 also supports AirPlay 2. So all-in-all, this could be a good addition to your multi-room system

Find out what I thought of the speaker in my Audio Pro G10 review, covering everything from design and setup to extra features and sound quality. 

Audio Pro G10 review: price and availability 

The Audio Pro G10 is available to buy now direct for $250/£225 (about AU$449). Take a look at the widgets for updated pricing. 

Audio Pro G10 review: design and setup 

Audio Pro G10 review

(Image credit: Future)

Available in either a light or dark grey, the Audio Pro G10 has a cylindrical design measuring 193 x 140 x 140mm, so it’s relatively small for a home speaker. It’s simple, stylish and won’t look out of place in a home with a minimalist vibe. 

On the bottom is a rubber ring for grip, while on the top is a black brushed aluminium finish with ten control buttons and four LED lights to see the volume and to let you know that the Google Assistant is listening. There are also three source indicator lights letting you know if you are using Wifi, Bluetooth or the auxiliary input. 

On the back, you’ll find a reset button and a handy M6 wall-bracket fixture that can also be used to fix the speaker to a ceiling rail, not that I had one of those to give it a go. Tucked into the base is the power input and the 3.5mm auxiliary input. It will have to be plugged in as there’s no battery option here, but it's meant for a permanent spot in the kitchen or bedroom anyway, so that won’t matter too much. 

Audio Pro G10 review

(Image credit: Audio Pro)

To name a few of the onboard controls, you can adjust the volume, skip through tracks, pair using Bluetooth, turn off the microphone and push to talk which summons the Google Assistant manually (that will be good for anyone who prefers to keep the mic muted). Unlike the majority of smart speakers, there’s also a power button which means you don’t have to have the assistant ready-to-go at all times, those who are more suspicious will be fans of that. The buttons are firm and give a nice click on pressing them, I found that they are responsive every time. However, with black symbols and no backlighting, you can’t really see them when you have the lights down low.

Setting up the speaker is as painless as any other Google Assistant speaker, just follow the instructions in the Google Home app to get it hooked up to your Wifi network.

Audio Pro G10 review: features and sound quality 

Audio Pro G10 review

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Designed for the Google ecosystem, you’ll be able to group it with other compatible devices around your home from the Google Home app to create a voice-controlled multiroom setup. It’s compatible with both Chromecast and AirPlay 2, but take note, it doesn’t work with the Audio Pro app multiroom system. You can also play music through Spotify Connect, the Bluetooth 4 connectivity and the 3.5mm auxiliary port, the latter being a means of connecting that a lot of smart speakers tend to leave out.

All the benefits of the Google Assistant are included, so you can find out the weather, set a timer or get answers to your burning questions, as well as control the rest of your smart home, like your smart lights or your smart thermostat. The microphone didn’t miss the ‘Hey Google’ command even once when I was testing it out. 

So what about the sound? Well, it has a 3-inch long-throw woofer, 1.25-inch BMR (balanced mode radiator) tweeter, two 4.5 inch passive radiators, and a 52-watt Class D amp. All looks good on paper, and in real life, it sounds great. The audio is clear with crisp mids and trebles, there’s no distortion at the highest levels, plus it goes surprisingly loud for such a small speaker. It doesn’t quite have the kind of punch that will shake the walls, yet it does manage to get across the energy in bass-heavy songs just fine. The curved shape of the Audio Pro G10 means sound gets equally dispersed around the room, so while it won’t automatically adjust settings based on its environment like some speakers, you do get about the same experience no matter where you place it in the room. You can tweak the bass and treble settings from the Google Home app, these didn't seem to make much difference and it would have been nice to have some more advanced equaliser settings as well. 

 Audio Pro G10 review: verdict

Audio Pro G10 review

(Image credit: Audio Pro )

The Audio Pro G10 reminds me of the Harman Kardon Citation One or the Sonos One in terms of the design, sound quality and features it offers. So what sets this apart? If you like to have the reassurance of a 3.5mm port, the option to turn off the speaker altogether and a push to talk button, these are all things the Audio Pro G10 has that the Citation One and Sonos One don’t have. 

To nit-pick, I would have liked to see more advanced and impactful equaliser settings, as well as backlit buttons and a battery to make it portable. But overall the Audio Pro G10 is a speaker that oozes style with great sound and a reliable voice assistant, there really aren’t many negatives to the Audio Pro G10. I would highly recommend this smart speaker!

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