Misfit announce a brand new product, but it's not a fitness tracker...

What could it be?

Misfit - makers of the Shine and Flash fitness monitors - announced a new product today. But it isn't another fitness tracker...

We'll give you a clue. Have you ever wanted to be woken by the sight of a sunrise, or create a light display in your own home?

Misfit Bolt is a colour-changing light bulb - a la Philips Hue - for under $50. Users can create different colour combinations and “lightscapes” as well as more traditional light with this new bulb.

Bolt can also be used with Misfit's sleep sensing products, Shine, Flash and Beddit, so you can set up a simulated sunrise when Beddit notices you're in a light sleep phase in the morning.

Philips Hue is the obvious competition, but with Elgato and others creating similar products, the $50 price tag - UK RRP yet to be confirmed - is important. Another critical difference is that unlike Hue, Misfit Bolt does not require its own network hub to function, it simply taps into your own WiFi network.

Bolt's lead designer, Diana Chang, said the bulb would be a “memorable experience” for users. It is controlled by the Misfit Home app, released today along with the bulb.

By Beth Gault