Best weight benches 2023 elevate your home workouts to the next level

The best weight bench for home workouts, from simple flat benches to adjustable home gym platforms

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You need the best weight bench for proper home workouts; that's a fact. No matter what type of resistance training you're into, a sturdy weight bench can help you elevate your workouts to the next level. In this guide, we included a variety of benches, from cheap, flat benches to sturdy, adjustable models. Which one do you need? Read on to find out.

We've included everything here, from superb value offerings for those on a tight budget to blow-out models with all the bells and whistles. You might need to buy some weights if you want to build muscle or lose weight using a weight bench. For more information on home weights, check out T3's best dumbbell, best barbell, best weight plate and best kettlebell guides.

The best weight benches to buy right now

Why you can trust T3 Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

How to buy the best weight bench for you

In-depth: 7 things to consider before buying a new weight bench

Home weight benches come in all shapes and sizes, with pricing typically reflecting additional features and overall build quality. Buyers should first bear in mind their workout needs, fitness goals, experience level, the amount of space available at home and budget before making a purchase.

Iron-pumping newbies can probably afford to look at the lower end of the budget scale, as build quality, adjustability, and additional flourishes are probably not too high on the agenda. Cheap weight benches are aplenty online, but these will be straightforward affairs that usually consist of a flat padded cushion perched atop a pair of support legs. Stability isn't going to be great here, and a lack of adjustability limits the spread of exercises that can be performed.

Those with more weightlifting experience or who have previously frequented a gym will want to part with slightly more cash to secure something fit for purpose and will last. Spend a bit more, and manufacturers will throw in added niceties, such as areas to store weights when not in use, a rack that makes bench-pressing with a barbell an option and a good range of adjustability that opens up endless exercise possibilities. 

How we test the best weight benches

Weight benches are always tested in a home (or, more like, home gym) environment to ensure they perform in a setting they were meant to be used. We use weight benches for several exercises to determine what type of workouts they are best for. We aim to test each weight bench featured in this guide for at least a couple of months to ensure they don't fall apart after a few workouts. Find out how we test at T3 by clicking on the link now.


What is the best weight bench for home use?

Our current favourite weight bench for home use is the Mirafit M150 Adjustable Weight Bench. In classic Mirafit fashion, it offers gym-worthy build quality while considerably undercutting the price of its premium rivals. The bench packs a solid frame constructed from 7cm x 5cm steel tubing, 2mm thick throughout. Six backrest angles and four individual seat angles allow a great selection of positions to perform gun-busting routines.

Are weight benches worth it?

If you want to build muscle at home, you'll need to add a weight bench to your home gym setup. Weight benches can be used for much more than bench press, although that in itself should be a good enough reason to get one as it's one of the 'big 5' exercises that can give you a full-body workout and work almost every muscle in your body.

Whether it's a flat or adjustable weight bench or a weight bench with or without a weight rack, the best weight benches will enable you to work out your upper body in a way that's not possible without a weight bench. Do yourself a favour and start building monster pecs and arms today by getting a weight bench.

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