5 sustainable kitchen gadgets I'd recommend on World Earth Day 2024

Looking to reduce your environmental footprint? Check out these suggestions

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Today marks World Earth Day, a global event dedicated to raising awareness and promoting the importance of sustainability. Taking place on the 22nd April each year, it's the perfect opportunity to reflect on our environmental footprint, whether that's individually and collectively. 

There's often a lot of things we can do to increase our sustainability at home, whether that's taking extra care to reduce energy usage or even using reusable packaging. However, finding environmentally friendly gadgets that don’t create waste themselves isn’t easy, especially ones that contain earth-friendly materials.

To celebrate today, I've rounded up five of my favourite sustainable gadgets to use in the kitchen. Not only do these devices reduce our environmental footprint, but they also look pretty great, and who doesn't want a fancy looking kitchen?

1. Vitesy Shelfy 

Vitesy Shelfy

(Image credit: Vitesy)

First up is the Vitsey Shelfy, a smart home device that was only launched last week. It's a gadget that uses air purification technology to extend food shelf life by up to 12 days, working by degrading the molecules responsible for ripening fresh foods and  subsequently reducing circulating bacteria by 98% in just 10 minutes. 

This is a great way to tackle our own individual contribution to the rising issue of food waste, especially with fresh fruits and vegetables. It's also extremely compact and has a three-week battery life, meaning you'll hardly even notice it's there. 

Buy the Vitesy Shelfy for an RRP of £129.00

2. FOTILE 2-in-1 In-Sink Dishwasher

FOTILE 2-in-1 In-Sink Dishwasher

(Image credit: Fotile)

FOTILE's latest model is a 2-in-1 In-Sink Dishwasher that aims to combat kitchen space issues and high energy consumption. It combines a kitchen sink and dishwasher into one, using less water per wash cycle than a traditional dishwasher. It's also more time efficient, taking just 45 minutes as opposed the average 90 minutes of a dishwasher, and also uses a lot less energy. 

The FOTILE 2-in-1 In-Sink Dishwasher is currently only available in the US, but this may change in the future. 

Buy the FOTILE 2-in-1 In-Sink Dishwasher for an RRP of $1,099

3. Quooker Fusion 3-in-1 boiling water tap

Quooker Fusion 3-in-1 boiling water tap

(Image credit: Quooker)

Over the past few years, it's been revealed that a significant portion of that water wastage is due to people overfilling their kettles. This means alternatives, such as an instant boiling water tap, are a great way to reduce energy and improve our environmental footprint. 

The Quooker Fusion provides hot, cold and 100°C filtered boiling water from a single spout. Its high-vacuum insulation means that it only costs 3 pence a day to have boiling water at the touch of a button, so you can bid farewell to wait for the kettle to boil. The push, twist and hold button means you only release the water you need, preventing wasted water.

Buy the Quooker Fusion 3-in-1 boiling water tap for an RRP of £1,250

4. PlanetCare 2.0 Microfibre Filter

PlanetCare 2.0 Microfiber Filter

(Image credit: PlanetCare)

The PlanetCare 2.0 microfibre filter is an attachment that fixes to your washing machine, capturing microplastics before they enter your drain. Not only does it not use any energy (just the pumping action of the washing machine), but PlanetCare collects all your used cartridges for free and refurbishes them. You can't get much more sustainable than that!

A product like this is a significant advancement in the movement against plastic pollution, especially as it helps us to visualise the issue when filtering the microfibres ourselves. 

Buy the PlanetCare 2.0 microfibre filter small starter kit for an RRP of £76.65

5. Mill Food Recycler

Mill food recycler

(Image credit: Mill)

The Mill Food Recycler looks like a normal kitchen bin, but is in fact a dual grinding system that effortlessly turns your food waste into compost. The device uses integrated sensors and custom algorithms to determine the quickest runtime needed to transform your waste, and allows you to add food anytime, even mid-cycle.

Food volume is reduced by 80% and with a generous 6.5L capacity, it can process around 40lbs of wet food. Again, it's currently only available in the US. 

Buy the Mill Food Recycler for an RRP of $999

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Lizzie Wilmot
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