New Pixel 8a leak shows off its killer curves

The best Pixel 8a images we've seen so far show some key design details

Leaked images of Google Pixel 8a in green
(Image credit: X / evleaks)

It's been at least a few hours since the last Google Pixel 8a leak, and the quality seems to be going up with each new one: the latest leak shows very high resolution images of the Pixel 8a, and that makes its curves much more apparent.

The latest images were shared online by Evan Blass, aka evleaks, who has an impressive track record in getting pre-launch images of key hardware releases. This time around there are a dozen images in all, each set showing the phone in four different colours: blue, green, black and silver and giving you a look at the front, the rear, and a slightly angled view.

What's interesting about these leaked images

What's significant about these latest images isn't the selection of colour options, as lovely as they are. It's the curves. The images show that the Pixel is more curved at the corners than the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, harking back to the Pixel 6 rather than its more recent siblings – although some commenters are going back even further, suggesting that the Pixel 8a looks a lot like the old Nokia Lumia Windows Phones. 

Looking at the images, especially of the green option, it's hard to tell just how vibrant the colours are going to be here. Previously leaked renders, like these new images, showed a very bright, almost lime green colour. But in live images of Pixel 8a unboxing, both the green and the blue options looked considerably less bright. That could be down to lighting, or to marketing images turning the vibrancy up a bit to make the photos really pop. Either way the phones look good, but I'm a big fan of cheerful colours so I'm hoping that the unboxing images are the ones that don't quite get the colours right.

The other design feature that's really clear from these latest images is the size of the bezels around the display. They're noticeably taller than they are wide, especially at the bottom of the phone and much more so than in other recent Pixels. 

Despite what feels like a constant flow of leaks the official Pixel 8a launch isn't believed to be this month: the most likely launch date is still expected to be during the Google I/O event in mid-May.

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