5 watch trends that will stand the test of time, according to watch experts

Beaverbrooks expert recommends the best watch trends to invest in

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The best watches are investment pieces that will last a lifetime… but they will cost you. What makes many people worry about investing in a watch is dropping a lot of money on something, for the make and design to go out of style and look outdated in a few years time.

Whether you’re new to watches or an avid collector, it’s good to stay in the know with the ever-changing trends and styles, but there are a few features and accents that will stand the test of time. To find out more, I spoke to Bruce Andrews, head of luxury watches at Beaverbrooks who talked me through the key watch trends that are taking centre stage this year and beyond.

1. Square and rectangular cases

Watch trends: square and rectangle cases

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The beauty of watches is that they come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can pick something unique to you. While round cases have always been extremely popular, one of the biggest trends of 2024 is square and rectangular faced watches.

Square watches have been everywhere this year, particularly during Watches and Wonders 2024 and on many celebrities' wrists at awards shows. Designers have dived head first into the trend, with the most recognisable including the TAG Heuer Monaco, Hublot’s hard-to-read MP-10 Tourbillon and Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Reverso.

As squares and rectangles are different to the circular shape we’re used to, it’s attracted much more attention. As Andrews explains “The angular shape of this style of watch is perfect if you’re inclined to emulate a unique, contemporary look – one which will never go out of style.”

2. Bold colours

Watch trends: coloured dials

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Whether you love wearing colour or just want to add a subtle pop to a monochrome outfit, bold colours go hand in hand with many luxury timepieces. Not only does a colourful watch look more exciting, but it’s also a way to showcase your personality while giving a classic watch a fun twist. The best example of this is the Tudor Black Bay which was recently given a pink dial upgrade.

“As brands continue to expand and experiment with bolder palettes, coloured dials certainly aren’t going anywhere – particularly as green dials were all the rage after LVMH Watch Week 2024,” explains Andrews. “The great thing about coloured dials is that you can add a personal touch to your timepiece without straying too far from your comfort zone, making it a universally flattering trend for any watch enthusiast.  

3. Two-tone timepieces

Watch trends: two-tone

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Can’t decide between gold or silver? Well, with two-tone timepieces, you don’t have to. The mixed metal trend is seen across jewellery and watches, and it comes back time and time again. “Whether silver, yellow gold or rose gold, combining materials will make your timepiece effortlessly stand out from the crowd (and is the perfect choice if you’re stuck between choosing one metal or another!),” says Andrews.

4. Minimalist designs

Watch trends: minimalism

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While colour is a key trend for watches, some people don’t want anything too bright or distracting on their arm. But minimalist designs still hold their own within the market, and “contrary to the louder trends in the watch space, we’re also seeing a resurgence of sleek, minimalist designs.”

Sometimes, simplicity can be more eye-catching than bolder designs, as they tend to better highlight the intricacies of the watch’s manufacturing process. For example, the dial of a watch might be relatively plain, with just the numbers, markers and hands, but the hidden details lie within the caseback, adding more attraction to a minimalist design.

As Andrews explains “simplicity is key with this trend – think clean dials, muted colour palettes, and delicate contemporary detailing. If you’re keen to invest in a watch that will truly stand the test of time, a minimalist aesthetic is always a safe bet.

5. Golden hour

Watch trends: golden hour

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“Yellow gold watches have achieved a cult status over the years – and this vibrant metal is back with a bang in the watch space,” says Andrews. One of the most popular watches and jewellery materials, the golden hour watch trend will definitely appeal to gold lovers and collectors. While gold can be subtle at times, it’s also more fun to play with if you want the over-the-top look. “From bright, gold-plated fashion pieces to the elegant 18ct yellow gold tones featured in some of the Swiss houses, this is a perfect trend to opt for if your goal is an opulent look.”

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