Simba mattress discount codes and deals for July 2021: browse today's best prices

In the market for a new mattress? Here's how to pick up a Simba mattress with a discount

Simba mattress discount code and deals
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Looking for a Simba mattress discount code or deal? You're in the right place! We're constantly updating this article with the cheapest offers, from Simba direct as well as third party retailers.

The Amazon Prime Day deals may be over, but it's still perfectly possible to get a decent discount on a new Simba mattress. For a limited time, you can knock 30% off any mattress when you buy from Simba direct. Just add the Simba discount code SIMBAFUTUREMVC30 at the checkout to claim. This deal expires on 22 July, so you don't have a massive amount of time to claim.

By our reckoning, Simba is one of the very best mattress makers around. It's the brand behind our current #1 best mattress – the absolutely excellent Simba Hybrid Pro – and we're also huge fans of the new Simba Hybrid Luxe. Completing the range is the multi award-winning Simba Hybrid. However, the Pro and Luxe in particular are really quite expensive – and that's where a decent Simba discount code comes in handy. This discount code is valid on any of those models, but note you can only use it on one mattress per customer, so choose wisely.

It's worth noting that Simba also sells a selection of mattresses through Amazon. The models available vary, but typically you'll find this core range of three, as well as the 'Simba Hybrid Essential' (a simpler version of the main range) and cheaper 'Simba Comfort' and 'Simba Premium' memory foam models. Usually, you'll find whatever deal is available at Simba matched at Amazon (in which case we'd recommend buying direct from Simba), and a bigger discount on the Amazon-only models. Browse the Amazon Simba range to see the offers currently available. 

30% off any mattress with code SIMBAFUTUREMVC30 at
The Simba Hybrid is a 25cm deep mattress that's great for side or back sleepers who like a softer surface. It combines body-contouring foam with a supportive layer of up to 2,500 conical pocket springs. The Pro is a souped-up version with more springs, a thicker, plusher sleep surface, and extra temperature regulation features. Finally, there's the supremely comfortable 10-layer Hybrid Luxe. Amazon also sells a cheaper range of foam-only models.
Discount code expires 22 JulyView Deal

While you're upgrading your sleep setup, you should be aware that Simba also makes some excellent accessories, including the Simba Hybrid duvet. If you're not sold on a Simba yet, see what other brands are doing in our roundup of the best cheap mattress deals. 

Nervous about buying a mattress online? You don't need to be – all Simba mattresses come with a 100-night trial. That means you can properly test them from the comfort of your own home. If for any reason you don't absolutely love your mattress in that time, Simba will pick it up and give you a full refund. 

Which Simba mattress should I buy? 

Before you take advantage of your Simba discount code or deal, you'll need to choose which mattress is right for you. There are three models to choose from: the Hybrid, the Hybrid Pro and the Hybrid Luxe (the cheaper Hybrid Essential is no longer available). 

The Original is the cheapest and softest of the range. The Luxe is the priciest and most advanced, and perhaps the firmest (around 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale). The Pro is our favourite – it adds an extra top comfort layer compared to the Original, doubles the number of springs, and has an additional temperature-regulating wool comfort layer. See how the original mattress compares to competitors in our Otty Hybrid vs Simba Hybrid head-to-head.

  • Best-selling: Simba Hybrid Original - 25cm deep, 5 layers, up to 2,500 pocket springs 
  • Our favourite: Simba Hybrid Pro - 28cm deep, 7 layers, up to 5,000 pocket springs
  • Most advanced: Simba Hybrid Luxe – 31cm deep, 10 layers, up to 6,000 springs
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The best Simba Hybrid mattress deals

The cheapest Simba mattress

Sizes: Small single - emperor
Depth: 25cm
Turn: No
Filling: springs, foam
Trial: 100 nights
Guarantee: 10 years
Reasons to buy
+Suits all body sizes and sleeping positions+Good balance of price and comfort
Reasons to avoid
-Too soft for some
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Image 1 of 4

Simba Hybrid Pro mattress deals

Our favourite Simba mattress

Sizes: 4: Single - super king
Depth: 28cm
Turn: No
Filling: springs, foam
Trial: 100 nights
Guarantee: 10 years
Reasons to buy
+Extremely comfortable and supportive+Good cooling tech+T3 Award Winner 2021

Simba Hybrid Luxe

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The best Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress deals

For ultimate luxury, try this multi-layer marvel

Sizes: Single, Double, King, Super-King
Depth: 31cm
Turn: No
Filling: springs, foam
Trial: 100 nights
Guarantee: 10 years
Reasons to buy
+Supremely comfortable+Great support
Reasons to avoid
-Heavy and bulky

How good are Simba mattresses? What's the deal?

Simba Hybrid mattresses combine springs and foam to award-winning effect. Designed to support all body types and sleeping positions, a layer of patented conical pocket springs pivot in their pockets to adapt to your body shape while you sleep, giving you full body support. Meanwhile, Simba's precision-engineered foam moulds to you as the warmth from your body softens it; a 'Simbatex' cooling layer regulates your temperature; and a removable, machine-washable, hypoallergenic ‘breathe in, breathe out’ cover keeps allergies at bay. All this sits on top of a foam foundation that provides seven zones of support.

Both are bed-in-a-box mattresses, which means you buy them online and they’re delivered to your door in a conveniently sized box. Simba describes the range as the most advanced in the world, and the team are so confident you’ll love them, they offer a 100-day no-quibble trial: if you don’t love the mattress, just return it within that period for a refund. 

Simba mattress deals

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Oh, and Simba also does bedding, too…

As you'll have gathered, Simba makes splendid duvets, pillows, sheets and mattress protectors, too. The Hybrid Duvet features a triple-layered design: a middle layer of 'Aerelle' material is sandwiched between a layer of temperature-regulating 'Stratos' and one of breathable cotton. The Aerelle is the real star: it's 100% recycled, and designed to draw heat away from the body, to keep you at the perfect temperature all night. Sizes range from single to super king.

The plump and tempting Simba pillow is also topped with cooling/warming miracle fabric Outlast. You can even add more of Simba's nano-tube filling if you want a plumper pillow, or remove it if you want it narrower. It's one of the best pillows around.

We'd always recommend throwing a mattress protector into the basket with any mattress purchase. These will guard against dirt and moisture, and keep your mattress fresh and clean for much longer. Simba's protector is made from super-soft, plant-derived Tencel fabric.

The new star of the show is the Orbit weighted blanket, filled with nano-beads to deliver a soothing, even pressure. These are becoming incredibly popular thanks to their ability to de-stress and even alleviate insomnia. Explore alternatives in our best weighted blanket guide. 

Want to transform even the most tired mattress? You could add the Simba mattress topper. Unlike many toppers, this isn't just a padded layer; it's like a mini-mattress in itself. It includes a breathable sleep surface, 2,500 pocket springs, a cooling comfort layer, and a dense base. 

Simba mattress Black Friday deals

Black Friday is the best time of the year to bag a deal on pretty much anything, and that includes mattresses. With mattress brands running discounts regularly, it's not always a given that you'll see the best offers of the year on Prime Day, but it is true that you're almost guaranteed some kind of deal.

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020, Simba offered 35% off all mattresses. That's the biggest discount we ever see from Simba direct, but it does crop up a few times a year. It was, however, bettered on Prime Day 2021 on the models available though the Amazon Simba store. Which brings us to...

Does Simba do Amazon Prime Day deals?

Yes indeed it does – and in 2021, we saw some of the biggest discounts we've ever seen on Simba's core range. Simba's Amazon range includes the mattresses you'll find at Simba directly, but also some cheaper alternatives, including a more basic Simba Hybrid Essential, and a selection of memory foam-only mattresses. 

The biggest discounts for 2021, by percentage, were on the models that are outside of the core range. Amazon knocked a blanket 40% off it's memory foam only models, as well as the Essential Hybrid. 

Where things got more interesting is with the core range – there was 37% off the Hybrid Pro – the biggest discount we have seen on that model anywhere, beating 2020's Black Friday deal of 35% off. There was also 37% off the Simba Hybrid Original, which matches the best price we've seen on that model. The Hybrid Luxe got 35% off, but only the King and Super King sizes, which wasn't especially notable and matched what you could get if you bought from Simba direct. 

In 2020, APD was a little unusual, as it was pushed right back to October. Nevertheless, we saw an excellent Simba discount, with the Simba Hybrid Essential dropping to almost half price (49% off). In 2019, the Simba Hybrid mattress received a 35% discount for 24 hours over Amazon Prime Day.

When else can I grab a Simba mattress deal?

Good question. We tend to see decent discounts in the run up to Christmas and we expect to see some very good Simba mattress deals in the January sales in early 2020 too.

There are also sometimes good price cuts in March, which is when retailers often look to clear older stock. And we saw some additional discounts during the summer sales too. In short: there's usually a saving to be made somewhere... 

Simba mattress discount codes and deals you missed

To give you a better picture of the kind of deals you can expect at Simba, and how frequently they crop up, here are some you missed:

Expired Simba deals...

  • June 2021: 35% off  orders over £300 at
  • Amazon Prime Day 2021 (June 21-22): 37% off the Hybrid Pro and Simba Hybrid Original at Amazon for Prime subscribers, as well as 40% off the memory foam only models and Essential Hybrid
  • June 2021: knock 30% off mattresses with code SIMBAFUTURE30
  • May late Bank Hol 2021: 35% off everything when you spend £300 or more
  • April 2021: 30% off orders over £300 at Simba
  • March 2021: 35% off at Amazon or 26% off at Simba
  • February 2021: 30% off at
  • January 2021: 35% orders over £200
  • Simba Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020: 35% off all mattresses
  • Oct-Nov 2020: 30% off at
  • Prime Day 2020: Simba Hybrid Essential 49% off at Amazon 

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