The best Simba mattress deals and discounts in October 2019: get 20% off

Save money with the best Simba mattress deals, discounts and bundle offers

Simba mattress deals

The best Simba mattress deals and discount codes are often found in autumn. And guess what? You don't even need to wait for a Black Friday Simba mattress deal in November to get a bargain – there are big savings to be made right now. We've curated the biggest Simba mattress deals here on this page, so you can sleep easy knowing you've bagged the lowest Simba mattress prices possible. 

In general, Simba mattresses don’t come cheap. It’s one of the best mattresses around, and its patented pocket springs and supportive memory foam have won scores of awards and happy customers. But with a Simba mattress deal – or a Simba mattress discount code – you can often knock up to 20 per cent off the price. There are also regular Simba bundle deals across the company’s excellent pillow and duvet lines that offer great value too.

Read on for today's best Simba discount codes and deals from the world’s most reputable retailers here on this page. (You'll find more cheap mattress deals for other brands elsewhere on the site.) Here are today's best Simba mattress deals...

Get 20% off orders over £400 + a FREE mattress protector | at Simba Worth up to £265 - Right now you can save a whopping 20% on all Simba orders over £400 (a single Simba mattress is usually £449, so this is a great offer). And you'll get a free mattress protector thrown in too, worth up to £75. Deal expires: unknownView Deal

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The best Simba mattress deals and discounts

This excellent hybrid mattress is one of the best you can buy

Sizes: Small single - emperor
Depth: 25cm
Turn: No
Filling: springs, memory foam
Comfort: all
Trial: 100 nights
Guarantee: 10 years
RRP: Single: £449, Double: £649, King: £749
Reasons to buy
+Extremely comfortable+Suits all body sizes and sleeping positions+100-day trial
Reasons to avoid
-No handles to rotate mattress

How good are Simba mattresses? What's the deal?

The Simba Hybrid mattress is a luxury five-layer mattress that combines springs and memory foam to award-winning effect. Designed to support all body types and sleeping positions, a layer of patented conical pocket springs pivot in their pockets to adapt to your body shape while you sleep, giving you full body support. Meanwhile, SIMBA’s Disco memory foam moulds to you as the warmth from your body softens it; a “Simbatex” cooling layer regulates your temperature; and a hypoallergenic ‘breathe in, breathe out’ cover keeps allergies at bay. All this sits on top of a foam foundation that provides seven zones of support.

It’s a bed-in-a-box mattress, which means you buy it online and it’s delivered to your door in a conveniently sized box. Simba describes it as the most advanced mattress in the world, and the team are so confident you’ll love it, they offer a 100-day no-quibble trial: if you don’t love the mattress, just return it within that period for a refund. 

We feel that if you're looking for a hybrid mattress, Simba is one of the best you can buy. And other people agree: Simba scores an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars over almost 10,000 reviews (September 2019) on consumer review website TrustPilot – that's excellent. On the Simba site itself, meanwhile, it has 4.7 out of 5 stars across 34,000 reviews. That's impressive. 

Black Friday Simba mattress deals 2019: what we expect 

One of the best times of the year to pick up a Simba mattress discount is over Black Friday and Cyber Monday at the end of November. (This year, Black Friday falls on the 27th November 2019.) 

Last year, the best Black Friday Simba mattress deals offered a cool 20% discount – not just on the mattress, but on everything sold on the Simba website, including the excellent Simba pillows, temperature-regulating duvet, mattress protector and more. That discount meant you could buy the Simba Hybrid mattress for the following prices:

  • Black Friday Simba mattress deal: single - £319 (was £399)
  • Black Friday Simba mattress deal: double - £479 (was £599)
  • Black Friday Simba mattress deal: king - £559 (was £699)

That's pretty good. But we're predicting even better Black Friday Simba mattress deals in 2019. After all, there was a whopping 35% discount over Amazon Prime Day in July this year – and we'd expect the company to look to at least match that in November. 

Also, consider the competition. The mattress business is cut-throat and we've already seen the price of the outstanding Emma mattress slashed by up to 36% this year: we may well see even higher Black Friday Emma mattress deals. Simba will need to work hard to stay in the game.

Should you wait for a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Simba mattress deal?

At this stage, no. If you need a new mattress now, we say don't wait. There are plenty of great Simba mattress deals to take advantage of in the meantime, and no one knows for sure what discounts Simba will run (if any) over Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

However, if you're not in a rush, and you think it's extremely important that you make the biggest savings possible on your new mattress, then we do expect to see the year's largest price drop coming in the form of a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Simba mattress deal.

When else do we see good Simba mattress deals? 

Simba mattress deals

(Image credit: Simba)

While we do expect to see the lowest Simba mattress prices over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there are also decent discounts in the run up to Christmas and in the January sales. We also saw some great Simba mattress deals in March (which is when retailers look to clear older stock), over Amazon Prime Day in July, and during the summer sales too. So there's usually a saving to be made somewhere... 

What about Simba bundle deals – are they good value?

Yes, very. Generally, the best way to add value to your mattress purchase is with a Simba mattress bundle deal. These tend to add more products to your order – like Simba's temperature-regulating pillows, duvets or mattress protector – but give you a much bigger discount. Simba runs bundle deals regularly throughout the year, so keep an eye on this page: you'll see them here first.  

The best Simba mattress deal we've ever seen comes via a Simba bundle called 'The Hybrid Essentials'. Unlike most bundle deals – where you have to spend more to save more – this offer results in you spending less and still coming away with more than just a mattress.  

All you have to do is buy is a Simba mattress through The Hybrid Essentials option on Simba's bundles page (which isn't always switched on). Simba will then add a free deluxe mattress protector worth up to £75 to your order, before cutting 26 per cent from the total price. If you remove the cost of the mattress protector from the equation, that works out as up to a sweet 20 discount on the mattress alone – and of course you get the mattress protector thrown in too. Bargain.

The specific offers change regularly, but here are more of the best Simba mattress discount codes and bundle offers right now…

More Simba mattress deals and discount codes

The Simba Hybrid Bundle: save up to £445 + get a FREE Simba mattress protector | at Simba
Get up to 33% off - For the biggest Simba mattress discount, choose the Simba Hybrid Bundle deal. By adding two height adjustable Hybrid Pillows (just one with a single mattress) and the excellent Hybrid Duvet to your Simba mattress purchase, you’ll get a free deluxe Mattress Protector and up to 33% off. Deal ends: unknownView Deal

The Simba Hybrid Pillow Bundle: save up to £334.75 + get a FREE Simba mattress protector | at Simba
Get up to 30% off
- Add two excellent height-adjustable Hybrid pillows (or one with a single mattress) to your Simba mattress purchase, and you can save up to £334.75 and you’ll get a free deluxe mattress protector to prolong the life of your Simba mattress. Bargain. Deal ends: unknownView Deal

The Simba Hybrid Essentials Bundle: save up to £244.80 + get a FREE Simba mattress protector | at Simba
Get up to 26% off
- This isn’t just the cheapest way to buy a Simba mattress right now: it’s also the best value Simba mattress deal by a mile. Choose this bundle, and you can get up to  £244.80 off your Simba mattress - AND a free deluxe mattress protector. A single mattress starts as low as £359.20 (was £134). Absolute bargain. Deal ends: unknown  

Oh, and Simba also does bedding, and kids' beds…

As you'll have gathered, Simba makes splendid duvets, pillows, sheets and mattress protectors, too. The duvets use a blend of duck down and feathers, with a coating of Outlast. This 'phase change' material actively responds to the surrounding temperature, absorbing heat when you're too warm and releasing heat when it's frosty. It's officially Space Certified Technology. Sizes range from single to super king.

Shop Simba duvets

The plump and tempting Simba pillow is also topped with cooling/warming miracle fabric Outlast. You can even add more of Simba's nano-tube filling if you want a plumper pillow, or remove it if you want it narrower.

Shop Simba pillow

Simba makes soft, crisp, aloe vera-infused (!) fitted sheets and waterproof, breathable mattress protectors, as well as their child-size bedding.

Shop Simba sheets 

Shop Simba mattress protectors

Shop Simba kids

More of today's best Simba mattress deals and sales

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