Best Simba mattress deals for Christmas 2019

Now you can sleep better and get a free Fitbit, Echo Dot or Lumie Bodyclock thrown in

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In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight. Perhaps that's because it's on a Simba mattress. 

Simba is a great British success story, with the mattress springs made in Lancashire and offices in Derby, which is in Derbyshire. The memory foam, we expect, is hand loomed in Yorkshire by local craftsmen, or they might get it from China. Hard to say. It also sits pretty atop T3's list of the best mattresses you can buy.

Simba also makes some excellent, premium pillows and duvets, and they are sometimes on sale too. There are also bundle deals from time to time. 

Simba mattresses: 5 layers, 1 free gift

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Purchase any size of Simba Hybrid Mattress between December 3 and December 17 and you can get a free Amazon Echo Dot, Fitbit Alta HR or Lumie Bodyclock. Here's how:

1. Buy a Simba Hybrid of your choice and enter the code XMASGIFT at checkout.

2. Simba will subsequently send a confirmation email, with a unique claim code and details of your claim period, which starts 14 days from the purchase date and lasts a further 14 days.

3: Visit Simba's promotional website and there enter the unique claim code.

4: Choose your gift, from an Echo Dot, Alta HR or Lumie Bodyclock, and enter a delivery address.

5. That's it. Although you can see full terms here and FAQ’s hereView Deal

What makes Simba special?

Rather than relying primarily on memory, Simba takes a hybrid, spring-with-memory-foam approach. Simba describes this as the most advanced mattress in the world, with thousands of conical pocket springs, a “Simbatex” cooling layer, poly foam and memory foam coming together to deliver a great night’s sleep. 

As is often the case with the new breed of online-focused mattress brands, there's a 100-day no-quibble trial: if you don’t love the mattress, just return it within that period for a refund. 

We feel, and the plethora of online reviews agree, that Simaba is the best mattress you can get without paying silly money. 

Oh, and they also do bedding, and kids' beds…

Simba makes splendid duvets, pillows, sheets and mattress protectors, too. 

The duvets use a blend of duck down and feathers, with a coating of Outlast. This 'phase change' material actively responds to the surrounding temperature, absorbing heat when you're too warm and releasing heat when it's frosty. It's officially Space Certified Technology. Sizes range from single to super king.

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The plump and tempting Simba pillow is also topped with cooling/warming miracle fabric Outlast. You can even add more of Simba's nano-tube filling if you want a plumper pillow, or remove it if you want it narrower.

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Simba makes soft, crisp, aloe vera-infused (!) fitted sheets and waterproof, breathable mattress protectors, as well as their child-size bedding.

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