Otty Hybrid vs Simba Hybrid: Which should you buy?

We compare Otty and Simba in a battle of the hybrid mattresses, so you can figure out which is the right choice for you

OTTY Hybrid Vs Simba Hybrid
(Image credit: OTTY / Simba)

So you've decided you want a hybrid mattress, but you're struggling to figure out which one's best. We're here to help. This Otty Hybrid vs Simba Hybrid showdown compares the offerings from two of our favourite mattress brands. 

Simba and OTTY are two of the most popular brands in the bed-in-a-box industry. Simba has two mattresses in its range: the Simba Hybrid, and the Hybrid Pro, which is deeper and has more springs. This article focuses on the original Simba Hybrid.  OTTY has two different mattresses in its range: the OTTY Flex, which is memory foam-only, and the Hybrid, which we'll be focusing on here. 

This guide will help you discover which hybrid mattress is best for you by breaking down all the individual considerations – design, price, comfort levels and user opinions – to help you choose between the Otty Hybrid and Simba Hybrid mattresses (for more info on the latter, head to our Simba Hybrid Original mattress review).

Before we start, a note on price. There are plenty of cheap mattress deals running throughout the year, so chances are you won't need to pay full price. For the best current offers on these two brands, we have articles dedicated to the Simba mattress discount codes and deals and OTTY discount codes and deals

If you're still deciding on a brand, why not check out our rundown of the best mattresses overall? Or alternatively, see what we thought of another big competitor in our Emma Hybrid review.

Otty Hybrid vs Simba Hybrid: Design

On the face of it, both OTTY and Simba are similar in terms of design. They are both vacuum-packed mattresses, made of foam / latex as well as a layer of springs – which is also known as a hybrid. 

Simba Hybrid mattress

The Simba Hybrid's unique five-layer design

(Image credit: Simba)

The Simba Hybrid mattress is 25cm deep, no matter which size you choose. It combines different foams with a layer of 2,500 patented, conical pocket springs. For a deeper mattress and double the number of springs, you can shell out a bit extra for the Hybrid Pro.

The Simba Hybrid has a unique five-layer design. The first layer is a hypoallergenic sleep surface that helps to regulate temperatures and can be removed and washed. The next layer is a comfort layer that mimics latex called 'Simbatex' and again, promotes cooling. Then you have the pocket springs, designed to isolate movement and stop you feeling anyone else moving around in the bed. Finally, there's responsive memory foam and a zoned base to offer you support in all the right places as you snooze. 

OTTY Hybrid mattress

Inside the OTTY Hybrid

(Image credit: OTTY)

The OTTY Hybrid also has five layers, starting with the hypo-allergenic washable cover. A point of difference here is that it then adds a layer of cooling gel technology to help keep you at the perfect temperature. This is followed by HD reflex foam; 2,000 pocket springs for medium/firm support; airflow side support and a HD base foam. 

The OTTY mattress design is 56 per cent spring and 44 per cent foam, providing excellent support and comfort – especially to those who like to sleep on their side. 

Both mattresses are suitable for any flat base and should be regularly rotated to maintain the prolong life. It’s worth noting that neither Simba or OTTY have handles that can help with rotating the bed. 

Winner: OTTY

Both Simba and OTTY have five layers and use similar materials, but OTTY offers better support for different sleeping styles. The addition of cooling gel technology and HD reflex foam help take this mattress into the lead. 

Otty Hybrid vs Simba Hybrid: Price

Simba Hybrid is available in five UK size options, from Single to Super King – see the price breakdown below. There's also EU Single, Double and Queen on offer.

The OTTY Hybrid is available in six UK sizes, running from Single to Emperor option here, and prices are all lower. There are also a range of EU sizes (Single, Double and King). 

UK size price list: Simba Hybrid  / OTTY Hybrid

  • Single: £549 / £374.99
  • Small Double: £749 / £549.99
  • Double: £749 / £599.99
  • King: £849 / £699.99
  • Super King: £949 / £799.99
  • Emperor: Not available / £849.99

Winner: OTTY

OTTY comes out at least £150 cheaper than Simba on each of the bed sizes, which is not insignificant. However, it is worth bearing in mind there are often deals that can take these prices down – check out our guides to the best Simba mattress discounts  or OTTY mattress discount codes and deals for any savings you might be able to make.

Otty Hybrid vs Simba Hybrid: Comfort and firmness

OTTY Hybrid mattress

(Image credit: OTTY)

OTTY rates the Hybrid as being medium to firm, giving it a 7 out of 10 (with 10 being the hardest) and we think this is about accurate. The combination of foam and spring does make the mattress feel firmer than many other rivals. 

There is more bounce with an OTTY than the Simba. Whilst you can feel the springs are present with the OTTY when pushing down from a standing position, you can’t feel them when you lie down, and this mattress does offer excellent support no matter your preferred sleeping position. 

Simba Hybrid mattress

(Image credit: Simba)

The Simba Hybrid comes in at around 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, so slightly softer than OTTY but still in medium/firm territory.  Although Simba also has pocket springs, you can’t really feel them at all, which isn’t surprising given there are 3 layers of foam on top. Simba also feels a lot cooler thanks to the unique ‘Simbex’ technology so you won’t wake up in a hot, sweaty mess no matter what the temperature is outside. 

Winner: Simba

Whilst the two mattresses are similar in firmness, Simba wins this round. It's a responsive mattress with good support, and ideal for those who share a bed but don’t want to be bothered by their partner's movements. 

Otty Hybrid vs Simba Hybrid: User reviews

Both the OTTY Hybrid and Simba hybrid have received good reviews from users who find both mattresses comfortable. 

OTTY customers report that the mattress doesn’t sag or soften over time, and is breathable. The only negative comments are around the rotation of the bed which is made more awkward due to the lack of handles. 

Simba users praise the mattress for being long-lasting, good for side sleepers and not heating up overnight. There are some reports that the Simba doesn’t offer the best support for back sleepers (although other back sleepers have found it fine) and it can be difficult to turn over due to the spring layer. 

Winner: Draw

Firmness and comfort levels are incredibly personal so what works for one user may not be suitable for another. Both mattresses have received strongly positive reviews, with only relatively minor complaints, so we're calling this one a draw. 

Otty Hybrid vs Simba Hybrid: Small print

Both mattress companies offer a 100-night trial. During this time, if you decide your new mattress isn't for you, both companies will  collect it for free and offer you a full refund. If you’ve bought the mattress on credit then your agreement will be cancelled and any payments made up until the point of return will be refunded. 

It’s a general rule that you should change your mattress every 7-10 years. Both OTTY and Simba are confident that their mattresses are built to last  so offer a generous 10-year guarantee; meaning if anything were to go wrong within that time, they will exchange it for a brand new one. 

Both companies also offer free standard delivery but also have a range of premium options if you want your mattress sooner. OTTY and Simba offer a service to recycle your old mattress, taking the stress out of disposing of it yourself. 

Winner: Draw

Both companies offer a very similar service in terms of small print. There's free delivery, a 100 night trial and free returns. 

Overall winner: OTTY Hybrid

OTTY Hybrid mattress

(Image credit: OTTY)

While it's extremely close (many categories are a draw), the OTTY Hybrid wins out in terms of both price and design. It's cheaper, and packs that extra cooling gel layer that you won't find in the Simba. 

However, your decision is likely to come down to your firmness preference. The firmer of the two mattresses is most certainly the OTTY. The Simba Hybrid is softer and offers a more consistent level of support. In fact, the Simba feels more like a memory foam mattress, while the OTTY is a better option if you're after more of that sprung mattress feel.

If budget plays an important part when you’re making your decision then OTTY is the clear winner – barring any discounts or deals, you'll be paying less. But if you struggle to stay cool at night, or move around a lot and don’t want to disturb your partner, then paying the extra money for the Simba is worth it. 

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