Apple's 5-star MacBook Air suddenly drops to lowest-ever price at Amazon

A stunning laptop that's now at its cheapest price point

You'll find the MacBook Air atop many a best laptops list: these slimline portable computers come with plenty of power under the hood and some eye-catching aesthetics on the outside. Add in the polish and capability of macOS, and you've got a laptop with genuinely broad appeal.

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In our M2 MacBook Air review, you'll see we enthused about the laptop's "excellent battery life" and "super powerful" performance, calling it a "total triumph" and the "best Mac laptop for most people" – and it's now cheaper than it's ever been at Amazon, giving you another reason to buy it.

Apple MacBook Air: was £1,149now £903 at Amazon

Apple MacBook Air: was £1,149, now £903 at Amazon
With a lightning-fast M2 processor, a stunning 13.6-inch display, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of speedy SSD storage, the 2022 edition of the MacBook Air is a stunning laptop from Apple – and as it's now cheaper than it's ever been at Amazon, there's never been a better time to buy.

If there is one complaint you can level at Apple Macs, it's that they're more expensive than their Windows counterparts. Many would say they do enough to justify that extra cost – but when you've got a discount of over 20% on one of the best MacBooks, the complaint doesn't really apply anymore.

The M2 MacBook Air simply helps you get more done in less time, and with battery life that can go 18 hours between charges you don't need to worry about leaving the charging adapter at home while you work on the go. The 13.6-inch screen makes it great for travel too.

It's the cleverness of the M2 chip engineering that means this laptop can run so efficiently and so quietly – there are no fans here, so you won't hear a peep out of it. We should mention that the M3 MacBook Air (2024) is now on shelves as well, but you're looking at quite a substantial jump in price for the latest version. Considering everything the 2022 version offers at this price, we'd say it represents great value.

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