ASUS ROG Ally gets a great free performance upgrade that will boost your games

The PC gaming handheld is getting even better

The Asus ROG Ally in white
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The ASUS ROG Ally gaming handheld has been boosted through the addition of AMD's FMF tech.

It adds extra frames during games that improves the smoothness of play.

ASUS has confirmed that it's adding a welcome new feature to the already impressive ROG Ally PC gaming handheld this week.

A new software update for the handheld will add AMD Fluid Motion Frames, the chip manufacturer's frame-generating tech, to hopefully up the frame rate of your games in some situations. 

The feature basically generates extra frames between those being rendered, making the game even smoother and potentially boosting your frame rate quite considerably.

The only real downside is that it can add tiny amounts of input lag in some scenarios, but even that can often be hard to notice. 

ASUS' Steam Deck rival is one of the more powerful PC gaming handhelds on the market, but it's still constrained by its size, so being able to boost its capabilities like this could be really welcome. 

We also know that ASUS is working on a follow-up to the ROG Ally, so it's doubly nice to see it continuing to add new features to the first version, in that light. 

Best of all, AMD Fluid Motion Frames isn't a per-game setting – it's something you can toggle on at a system level, to enjoy its benefits across all your titles. This means you don't have to wait for individual developers to toggle on the setting by releasing patches. 

The PC gaming handheld race has been a hot one over the last couple of years since it was ignited by the arrival of the Steam Deck. That now has an upgraded version available in the form of an OLED model, but ASUS won plenty of plaudits for its slightly more powerful offering. 

Features like frame generation can be a huge asset to handhelds that aren't able to ship with massive discrete GPUs running at high heats, and instead have to find ways to maximise their performance without either getting as hot as a volcano or weighing as much as a small car. 

You should be able to download the latest update for the ASUS ROG Ally today if you have one, though. You'll be looking for iGPU driver V31.0.24027.1012, to make sure that you're getting the latest one, and it should be available from ASUS' website or your Armoury Crate SE app on-device. 

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