Microsoft stab at Google over lack of WP8 apps

Claims software giant blocked "first class" app

Microsoft has taken a swipe at Google by suggesting the search giant is refusing to offer full versions of its apps for the Windows Phone OS

Microsoft and Google aren't known as the best of friends, and the latest clash between the companies is about the percieved lack of fully-featured YouTube app on Microsoft's mobile OS.

A blog post from Dave Heiner, vice president and deputy general counsel, states that: "Google continues to prevent Microsoft from offering consumers a fully featured YouTube app for the Windows Phone."

"Google’s refusal deprives consumers who use competing platforms of a comparable experience in accessing content that is generally available on the Web, almost all of which is created by users rather than by Google itself."

This isn't exactly anything new. In fact, Microsoft raised the same point two years ago when the proprietry OS was first launched. On the other side of the coin, Google has previously spoken of its hesitency to develop for Windows Phone 8.

According to Heiner, executives at Google told YouTube not to develop a first-class app for Windows and to concentrate instead on Android and iOS.

A similar disagreeement ocurred late last year when Google dropped support for the Gmail ActiveSync protocol on WP devices, removing the option to sync with Google services like Gmail and Calendar.

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