Google Panda update for search rolled out globally

Have UK tech websites been negatively affected?

The Google Panda has updated its search algorithm; does it work?

The Google 'Panda' update that's supposed to change the search algorithm to weed out content farms has been rolled out to UK websites as well.

The official Google blog says that since introducing the algorithm change, Google has received "a lot of positive responses about the change" and so now they've rolled out the Panda to all English-language Google users.

Amit Singhal, Google Fellow, said, "Based on our testing, we’ve found the algorithm is very accurate at detecting site quality."

He also added that if anyone's website has been negatively impacted by the change to ensure the website is checked to follow Google's quality guidelines. "If you believe your site is high-quality and has been impacted by this change, we encourage you to evaluate the different aspects of your site extensively. Google's quality guidelines provide helpful information about how to improve your site."

The Guardian links to a list of websites that have been hit by the new search algorithm and while we see a lot of content farms, tech websites also feature in the list, including sister website TechRadar. Other websites similarly hit include PocketLint, Electric Pig, PC Advisor and ITProPortal. Even has suffered a fall in Google rankings.

In another surprise hit is Microsoft's Ciao, a shopping comparison website. The Guardian reports that Ciao's rank has fallen by almost 94% due to the new search algortihm.

Content farms such as Ehow and have also been negatively affected by the Panda update, which means we won't be seeing them high up on Google Search results.

Websites on the list of search winners include Google's YouTube, Mashable, the Independent and Vimeo.

The update will be tested but we can eventually expect it to be seen in other languages as well.

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