T3 Outdoor Living Month 2024: your guide to enjoying the great outdoors

From camping essentials and hiking tips to barbecuing and garden maintenance, it’s time to get outside!

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Welcome to Outdoor Living Month on T3!

As the weather starts to warm up and we get ever closer to the joys of summer, it’s time to start celebrating the great outdoors, which is where T3’s Outdoor Living Month comes in. For the month of May, our Active and Home experts will be giving T3 readers news, advice, reviews and recommendations on how to enjoy your time spent outdoors.

During Outdoor Living Month, we’ll be covering the best ways to spend time outside, including camping, hiking and getting out on the trails, as well as cooking, entertaining and caring for your own outdoor space. In this hub, you can find all the latest Outdoor Living content, so keep this page bookmarked to stay up-to-date with the latest news and features.

T3 Outdoor Living Month Week 1: Camping

TentBox Lite XL review

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Officially starting on 6th May, our Active and Outdoor experts will be talking all things camping. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or heading on your first ever camping holiday, you need to have the right equipment to keep yourself warm, safe, fed and having fun.

For this week, we’ll be giving you the latest reviews and advice on choosing and caring for the best tent and best camping mats. But while camping is all about preparation, it’s also a fun way to spend time outside, including learning how to cook on the best camping stoves and look up at the night sky with the best telescopes.

T3 Outdoor Living Month Week 2: Cooking and entertaining

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Barbecue season is finally upon us! Cooking outdoors has become more accessible than ever, meaning you can cook outside using gas, charcoal, wood and electric power, and in a multitude of big or small outdoor spaces.

Week 2 from our Home experts will focus on cooking and entertaining, including our top picks for the best barbecues and the best pizza ovens. But spending time in your garden isn’t just about the food, so we’ll also be giving you advice on how to create the perfect setting and ambiance, with the best outdoor lights and more.

T3 Outdoor Living Month Week 3: Hiking and trail running

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Despite May’s proximity to the summer months, we’re still firmly in spring and if you’re from the UK, you’ll know that means plenty of wind and the occasional showers. So, while we’d love to head out to the beach, instead, we’re going to venture into the woods and mountains for Week 3.

This week, we’ll be walking you through (pun intended) everything you need to know about hiking and trail running. Whether you’re a regular hiker or are just starting out, you need all the gear and all the ideas, including the best hiking boots and the best hiking backpacks, plus we’ll be filling you in on some of our favourite places to trail run.

T3 Outdoor Living Month Week 4: Garden care

Best garden lighting 2022

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If you’re spending time outside but still within the comfort of your home, then you need to get your garden in top shape. No one wants to sit outside to bask in the sun with an overgrown lawn, and weeds and mould growing from the gaps between your concrete slabs. 

For the fourth and final week of Outdoor Living Month, our Garden experts will be testing and comparing the best cordless lawn mowers and the best pressure washers, and giving our gardening tips for getting your outdoor space in the best condition for May and beyond.

Check out T3's Outdoor vertical and T3’s Garden vertical for this month’s Outdoor Living content and make sure to look out for the T3 Outdoor Living badge on upcoming articles.

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